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Apex Legends Gets Hotfix for Team Deathmatch After Issues With Early Leavers

Respawn Entertainment has issued a hotfix to Apex Legends to fix some issues with early leavers within the new Team Deathmatch LTM.

Respawn Entertainment has released a hotfix to Team Deathmatch in Apex Legends. After players noticed an issue with early-leavers, Respawn Entertainment released a patch for the LTM. Although Team Deathmatch was meant to be a highlight of Season 16 of Apex Legends, many players have found it to be disappointing.

Many players have taken to social networking to vent their dissatisfaction with the LTM in Apex Legends since its release. Nobat211 shared that they had participated in multiple matches where players would quit when their team lost. Their Reddit post received over 6K votes. Many Apex Legends players find early departures to ruin their enjoyment of the mode. It makes for an unfair matchup, slows down the pace, and creates a chaotic LTM. Players discovered that matches could continue even if one or more of their teams quits early.

Respawn Entertainment responded to the community’s concerns and released a hotfix for Team Deathmatch Apex Legends. The developer stated that the LTM games felt too long and shortened them to just one round. To compensate for the decreased number of rounds and kills required to win the single-round mode has been increased from 30 to 50. The UI will not reflect the reduced number of rounds until a future update.

It will be interesting for Team Deathmatch to see how these changes impact them moving forward. Although the time limit is shorter, it may not prevent players from leaving. Respawn confirmed that there would be more changes to the game mode. According to the developer’s tweet, future quality-of-life improvements could include ending matches when one team leaves, and creating a penalty for early departures, similar to what is in the Control.

The Season 16 Apex Legends marketing indicated that the Team Deathmatch mode for Apex Legends was to be one of the major highlights of this update. This is especially true considering that this season launched without a Legend. The problems with early players in the new LTM are frustrating, especially for those who have been wanting this mode for some time. Respawn Entertainment hopes to be able to continue making adjustments to Team Deathmatch, based on the feedback received from the community.

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