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Minecraft Enthusiast Brings Adventure Time Tree House to Life in the Game

One creative gamer shares their love for Adventure Time with Minecraft by creating the show’s tree house.

One Minecraft player created an impressive recreation of Finn & Jake’s iconic treehouse from Adventure Time. The amazing design pays tribute to, one of the best cartoon’s most easily recognizable features.

Minecraft has seen an incredible amount of growth every year since its 2011 release. This brings a wide variety of players to the popular sandbox game. Many gamers love the flexibility that the game gives them by allowing them to design their own adventure through building and exploration. Minecraft fans have built for years. They are an important part of the community and allow players to explore their creativity to make some amazing things. Some players bring features from their favorite games and shows into the world of Minecraft. This is exactly what one Adventure Time enthusiast chose to do.

Reddit user TheTwoDust shared the work of their artist with the Minecraft group. The huge tree house Finn & Jake live in is one the most significant landmarks of the show. TheTwoDust made a perfect replica. From a glance, any Adventure Time fans would recognize the building. It is complete, with everything you need from the flag and boat at the chimney to the small shack access that lies at its foundation.

TheTwoDust had to have patience in order to create the house. It is one of the most impressive parts of this build. This game is the result of many Minecraft gamers remaking buildings with different media. It’s always incredible to see what skilled crafting can do to make these houses come to life. This is a remarkable feat, considering how much effort and time goes into creating these models.

Since the very beginning of the game Minecraft’s passionate, dedicated community has kept it thriving for more than ten years. The sandbox has evolved into many types of merchandise, ranging from t-shirts to toys. It’s all thanks to the love and supports it’s received over the years. Minecraft encourages creativity and building. It’s always fun to see what fans will come up with next.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile and PC, Switch, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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