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Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge Devs Detail PSVR 2 Features

Game Rant speaks with Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge Enhanced Edition developers about how PSVR 2 enhances the experience.

Star Wars – Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge – Enhanced Edition is a complete upgrade to the original 2020 VR experience for the Oculus Quest. This title will be used as a launch title for the new PSVR 2. The Enhanced Edition has received numerous improvements, including dynamic light sources and polygon counts, as well as responsiveness and location of haptic feedback. This is thanks to the PSVR2 headset’s unique capabilities.

ILMxLAB, Lucasfilm’s VR studio, has created a variety of Star Wars VR experiences including Trials on Tatooine (and the Vader Immortal Trilogy), but Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge is the most ambitious. Game Rant spoke to Jose Perez III, Director, and Jacob Edelen, Experience Design Lead, about the many improvements to the game and the development process behind the Enhanced edition. They also discussed the challenges involved in bringing the experience to new hardware.

PSVR 2 Has Given Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge A Major Visual Upgrade

The Oculus Quest’s wireless capabilities are part of its appeal. This allows players to move freely without having to worry about cables or buying a VR gaming computer. However, the Oculus Quest’s rendering capabilities were limited and games had to reduce their visual detail to run smoothly. PSVR2 leverages the PS5’s incredible horsepower. This allows games such as Star Wars, and Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge to “turn off all the lights” and add tons of detail. Edelen says that

You can go to some areas, such as the darker areas. The blaster bolts will whizzing around, and the dynamic lights will change those areas.

It’s a completely different experience. The environments pop out more, especially the Jedi Temple and other areas such as the First Order facility. It looks more like you are in your own Star Wars story. You can see the distant better and things are clearer.

Lighting is a key visual element in creating a realistic appearance. This is why raytracing is gaining popularity. The immersive experience will be enhanced by the use of more realistic lighting, reflective surfaces, and shadows. PSVR2’s higher resolution allows players to see more details when inspecting the game’s many weapons, gadgets, and characters.

PSVR 2’s Haptic Feedback system Makes Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge Even More Immersive

PSVR2’s haptic feedback is a major step up for the medium. Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge – Enhanced Edition has taken full advantage of the hardware’s vibration capabilities. The headset’s haptic feedback is a highlight, and it provides a unique experience that makes VR players question how they could have done without it. Edelen stated that.

The headset can also provide haptics. For example, when you first open the game, you put something on your head and the visor suddenly puts a little bit more rumble into your head. You’ll get different vibrations and stuff when you take damage from enemies.

The touch of helmets and visors will allow players to feel the blaster bolts fly past their heads during a firefight. This is a great way for VR game developers to show the direction of any incoming damage. The developers have paid special attention to each touchable object in the game. This will help with immersion in Star Wars Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge Enhanced Edition.

Star Wars – Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge – Enhanced edition released February 22nd for VR2.

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