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Reconsidering Anime Filler: Why It’s More Enjoyable in Hindsight

Although filler is not always necessary while we wait for more material from the Canon, it’s possible to revisit and appreciate anime-only content once a series ends.

As an anime filler, it is often considered the bane for an anime fan. Although anime fillers are only used to lengthen a series so it doesn’t catch up with the manga, it doesn’t make the wait for more canon materials any shorter. People want to see how the story develops and its natural ending.

These filler episodes become a lot more appealing when an anime reaches its conclusion. These episodes feature more characters from the anime, including some of their favorite characters who are battling it out or learning to drive cars. You can appreciate filler episodes without worrying about the story that will follow.

How can filler make anime more enjoyable?

Filler allows for more character interactions than might have been possible in the manga. Naruto has many filler episodes that feature the main character of the manga, who is on a mission with the Konoha 12. Naruto had little time to interact with his supposed friends and was often forced from one major plot arc into the next in the canon. These episodes would normally be too much for the amount of filler Naruto has. Now, however, these episodes can be appreciated for strengthening these bonds.

These anime-exclusive interactions also include exclusive fights. A filler is a way to get a sense of what it would look like. Black CloverEpisode151 “The Maiden’s Challenge” featured all Captain-level Magic Knights engaged in a team battle, similar to the one from the Royal Knights Selection Exam. The episode was a notable filler episode for intense combat and impressive animation. Bleach similarly featured fights involving major characters, although via artificially created impostors. These fights, while they may have a skewed outcome for storytelling purposes, can still be worth seeing just for the spectacle.

Some Filler episodes have plotlines that are more engaging than the source material. This is why many anime-only One Piece fans find it surprising that the G-8 Arc has been designated filler, while the Davy Back Fight Arc canon. The former arc developed characters and told a story that was worthy of the manga. While the latter arc seemed to be a waste of time, it’s true. Long Ring Long Land might have had many things established, but G-8 felt much closer to a genuine story arc.

What is the best time-consuming filler?

It is not to suggest that beloved characters performing inconsequential chores aren’t enjoyable. This happens frequently in the Dragon Ball franchise. Although it’s exciting for Goku and Piccolo to battle androids, watching them learn how to drive can be equally entertaining. If super-powered warriors happen to be likable characters, it can be enjoyable to watch them engage in mundane activities.

Although it can be hard to watch anime filler from week one to week, it becomes much less stressful when everything is over. From that point, the filler can be looked back on and appreciated for all the extra time it allowed viewers to enjoy their favorite characters in stories they hadn’t heard. While these stories may seem incontinent, they are still valuable time.

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