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Naruto Fans Cry Foul as Black Clover Appears to Borrow from the Sharingan

Naruto lovers are outraged at new Black Clover images, which reveal an eye design that is conspicuously identical to Sasuke’s famous share.

Black Clover is under criticism by Naruto fans because they stole ideas from Masashikimoto’s beloved shonen.

Initially reported by Anime Senpai. Following the publication of images from the most recent chapter online, a wave was set off that led to accusations of plagiarism. One panel features a character that awakens new power. The symbol is a comma, and it looks very similar to Sasuke’s Sharingan. This image sparked many posts on social media bashing Yuki Tabata, the creator of Black Clover, and his popular series.

Tabata has been criticized before for allegedly plundering. Kishimoto enthusiasts online quickly pointed out that Tabata has been accused of stealing from em>Naruto/em> in other cases. One Twitter user posted several sides by sides images from Naruto to Black Clover showing close similarities. He wrote, “I am utterly disappointed, Tabata. It is not possible for him to continue doing this because he disrespects Kishimoto.”

The Real-World History of the Tomoe

It’s worth noting that Sasuke was not the one who invented the symbol used in Sasuke Sharingan. In fact, the Tomoe originated from Japanese mythology. Some Black Clover defenders of Tabata used this to defend Tabata. One poster posted a chart showing the various Tomoe icons and stated that Sasuke, “literally Kurapika,” is a character from Hunter with an identical background and motivation.

Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover mag was published in Weekly Shonen Jump in January 2015 and quickly became a popular hit with the magazine’s readers. In total, more than 18,000,000 copies of the 33 volumes in circulation worldwide were available as of November 2222. Pierrot’s popular anime adaptation ran for 170 episodes, ending in March 2021. The first feature-length animated film of the franchise, Black Clover. Sword of the Wizard King has just begun production. Unfortunately, the premiere date for the film was pushed back by three months to June 16, because of problems related to the coronavirus.

Naruto or Black Clover may be ordered in English via VIZ Media.

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