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From the Dead to Red: Marvel’s Restoration of the Original Carnage, Cletus Kasady

Deadpool & Carnage Just Brought Back [SPOILER]

Wade Wilson makes a surprise return for Deadpool #4, after being previously infected with a bit of the Carnage Symbiote.

The following contains spoilers for Deadpool #4, which is on sale now at Marvel.

Cletus Kady emerges unassisted from Wade Wilson. He’s infected using a piece of Carnage in Marvel’s Deadpool#4.

Deadpool#4 came from Alyssa Wiong, Martin Coccolo artist, Neeraj Manon color artist, and Joe Sabino letterer. Wade was injected in the Carnage symbiote shortly after he was abducted by the Harrower during a mission to kill Doctor Otto Octavius/Doc Ock. The symbiote gives Wade an array of unusual abilities, including extra limbs.

Deadpool#4 Wade’s hybrid becomes a gigantic creature the size and shape of a bus. Harrower shouts “Mommy!” while the symbiote returns to Harrower. Wade is then attached to the back of the symbiote, at which point Harrower conjures up a gigantic flower that Carnage entraps in. The end of the issue shows that the flower has hatched and that Cletus Kasady is back as Carnage’s long-time host. “It’s great to have you back!” Cletus triumphantly declares the title on page final.

Cletus’ Return and Carnage’s OngoingSeries

Cletus’ return is discussed in Deadpool#5 (March 29). However, Cletus might be different from Cletus, who plays an important role in Carnage’s ongoing Marvel series. Cletus had been taken from Carnage and declared dead during the Extreme Carnage event. However, Carnage has saw Cletus’ voice infect Jonathan Shayde. Shayde has been keeping track of the symbiote, and recently became its new host. Cletus was identified by Ram V. Roge Anthony also confirmed Cletus is now a “melded” person with St. Estes Orphanage.

Deadpool#5 is described as “CARNAGE BREAKS LOOSE!” Oh–didn’t we mention that Wade was a host to Carnage? It is. Wade is so tired of being on Wade’s back and wants to go out now. Wade, prepare for some serious ripping!

Deadpool#4 cover art is by Coccolo. Menon also contributed to the variant cover art. Marvel now has the issue in stock.

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