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One Piece Fans Rejoice: Sanji Still Holds His Place in the Monster Trio Despite Jinbe’s Inclusion

Jinbe is the third-strongest crew member according to post-Wano bounties. He hasn’t replaced Sanji from One Piece’s Monster Trio, however.

Since Luffy’s first visit to Fishman Island has been waiting for Jinbe, a member of the Straw Hats. The “Wano Country’ arc saw Jinbe become an official member and display his skills as a Warlord and strongest Fishman. The Straw Hats received new bounties after their final battle. It was a way to portray them as elite pirates. Each Straw Hat pirate is strong for their reasons. Luffy, Zoro, and others rank first and third, as they do every day.

Jinbe is now in Sanji’s place, although he has the third-highest bounty of all crew members. He does not hide his dismay at being below Zoro & Jinbe despite having a bounty greater than 1,000,000 berries. ‘s Monster Trio was always Luffy, Zoro (the team’s strongest member), and Sanji (the team’s third-strongest member). Jinbe now ranks as the third-strongest Monster Trio member. However, it is unclear if he will continue to be the Monster Trio’s strongest member.

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Why Does Jinbe Have a Higher Bounty than Sanji

A bounty doesn’t guarantee someone’s strength One piece. In several instances, pirates can defeat those with much higher bounties. Luffy, a pirate with 500,000,000 berries before, wins over Kakakuri. Kakakuri is a Yonko member of high rank with a bounty exceeding 1 billion.

A bounty is more than just one’s power. It is a numerical measure that measures up the criminal’s threat. Jinbe is an ex-Warlord, and his contribution is undeniable to the Summit War. He saves Luffy who Akainu wants to kill. Jinbe’s previous reputation and his participation in the Straw Hat Pirates, who openly declared war upon the World Government, make him a serious threat.

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Why Jinbe Isn’t Replacing Sanji In One Piece’s Monster Trio

Jinbe has now a bounty amounting to 1.1 billion and Sanji at 1.032 billion. The difference in amount is not enough to distinguish who is the more powerful of the two. For the time being, it seems like they are on almost equal ground. Also, if you look back at the “Wano Country” arch, Sanji was more valuable than Jinbe.

Jinbe takes on Who’s Who (a Tobi Roppo participant), while Sanji defeats Queen. Queen, Kaido’s second-strongest Pirate. One Piece enthusiasts have been used to Sanji being part of the Monster Trio’s cast for over 25 years. It would not be comfortable to watch Jinbe as a character there. Sanji is still in the Monster Trio, and considering how he is awakening his genetic mutations it’s not surprising that he might surpass Jinbe at the end of the series’ Final Saga.

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