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Super Mario Bros. Movie Drops Final Trailer During Special Nintendo Direct

The last Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer features Chris Pratt as Mario and Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong getting ready for their adventure.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is now less than one month away from its premiere. Nintendo’s final trailer was released during a Mario Day Direct presentation. It is centered on a film that continues showing great promise for fans.

It’s not the Mario entry Nintendo Switch users have been waiting for Super Mario Odyssey. However, Illumination’s animated feature won a lot thanks to how well the Mushroom Kingdom’s inhabitants look in every preview. This teaser is no exception. The excitement for the new Super Mario Bros. movie has been contagious. Even Pedro Pascal, TV’s most popular star, couldn’t resist taking on Mario last month when he hosted Saturday Night Live.

This trailer Super Mario Bros. Movie is funny, but the Luma starts with a dark monologue that Luigi and the Penguin King couldn’t have foreseen. There is also a 2D platforming section with Mario and Donkey Kong. Both get authentic Mario power-ups. The scene at Rainbow Road where Mario is channeling his inner Dominic Toretto, however, will be the highlight.

There are many Mario easter eggs here. One of Super Mario 64s most memorable melodies is here. However, the novelty of a fire DK can’t be beaten. Aaron Horvath, Michael Jelenic, and the entire main voice cast were present during the presentation. As usual, there were no announcements of games, which dispelled any rumors about a new Mario game being announced to accompany the plumber’s return at the cinema.

This brief Super Mario Bros. adventure doesn’t have much to offer in terms of story. The movie seems to retain enough of the iconic franchise’s charm and colorful humor that Nintendo fans have long longed to see on the big screen. The Super Mario movie will be innovative on its terms. This is because Mario will save Princess Peach and Luigi, but the movie’s writers have transformed Princess Peach into a powerful ally.

Chris Pratt’s voice acting is the only thing that this Super Mario Bros. movie doesn’t have going for it. Many fans are still complaining about this casting decision nearly half a decade later. Anyone who loves Charles Martinet will still be able to discover a surprising cameo once the movie premieres.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is scheduled for release on April 7, 2023.

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