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Superman: Legacy Director James Gunn’s Involvement Seemingly Confirmed

In a new interview about DC Studios’ creative board, DC Comics writer Tom King references James Gunn to Superman: Legacy as the director.

James Gunn appears to be moving behind the camera to make Superman: Legacy, once he’s written the script.

In a YouTube interview with ComicPop, DC comic book writer Tom King said Gunn was both the writer as well as the director for the upcoming Superman feature. King said that there was a lot of material I could talk about, as well as things I couldn’t. King was speaking out on behalf of DC Studios’ creative board. James Gunn is an amazing nerd and super creative. He is the Superman movie’s director and writer. Peter Safran is his creative force. He reached out, along with several other screenwriters, wonderful, amazing…, to help make these movies and TV shows the best they can.

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Gunn said that the development of Superman started in mid-2022 at Warner Bros. He was brought on by Discovery to write the script. However, the official announcement of the project wasn’t made until December 2022. The film will depict a young Clark Kent in his early days at the Daily Planet. The film is written by Gunn, although the filmmaker has not yet decided if he will be directing.

New Superman Takes Flight

Details regarding Superman’s Legacy will remain private. However, Gunn claims that his version of Man of Steel is loosely inspired in part by Grant Morrisons’ fan-favorite All-Star Superman. Gunn clarified that Superman, Legacy is not an exact adaptation of Morrison. He also decried rumors that Superman might have a son. This has dispelled some rumors that the Big Blue Scout will turn 25 in the future. Gunn stated in February that although it keeps being repeated, he has never actually said this. “All that I ever said was Superman was younger in his forties than Batman, and Batman MIGHT be two years older than Superman.”

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Warner Bros. has also been revealed by DC Studios’ boss. He had been offered Superman by Discovery but decided to face The Suicide Squad. He said, “Several years later I learned how to face Superman and took it on.” The Man of Steel will not be the only survivor of Krypton. Gunn and his team are also preparing to introduce Kara Zor El into the fray in Supergirl. The film is based on King’s comic-book storyline. Woman of Tomorrow still hasn’t been released. And it is not yet known if Flash Sasha Calle might reprise the role in this solo film.

Superman Legacy is in cinemas on July 11, 2025.

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