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Dragon Ball: Celebrating Yamcha’s Most Memorable Anime Scenes

Yamcha may now be considered a joke but the Wolf Fang Fist master is still able to enjoy many great moments throughout Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball will remain a popular series with many memorable characters long after viewers have finished viewing the many anime versions of the manga. The Saiyans with their extraordinary transformations played a pivotal role in this story. It also features many iconic villains who were nearly unstoppable until the heroes found a way.

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Yamcha, one of the characters on the show, is somewhat of a joker after being defeated numerous times. You will find the highlights of Yamcha’s tenure as the master of Wolf Fang Fist in Dragon Ball below.

1 Overcoming Fear of Women

Most people have heard of Yamcha since Dragon Ball Z. However, this is somewhat strange considering how he appeared in Dragon Ball. Yamcha is preparing to fight Goku but his sight is lost on Bulma. Bulma is an extremely shy man and Yamcha fled the group.

Bulma’s company is what helped him get over his fear and become more normal with the women. Bulma’s time was what allowed him to be part of one the most memorable relationships in the entire series.

2 His Tumultuous Relations with Bulma

Bulma, Yamcha, and their relationship play a significant role throughout the Android Saga. The fact that they loved each other, despite their sometimes difficult relationship, isn’t surprising.

Bulma/Yamcha’s on–and–off relationship, which saw them treat each other poorly and even cause misunderstandings that eventually led to their separation, made for some entertaining moments in Dragon Ball. While some characters enjoy that Bulma got to be with Vegeta in the end, many long-time viewers of the series still miss the rollercoaster ride that was their relationship.

3 Forming long-lasting friendships and relationships with Tien

Tien is initially portrayed as an antagonistic figure who can be quite cocky in the World Martial Arts Tournament. He beat Yamcha & Goku, but Master Roshi’s wise words led to Tien changing his ways.

Tien makes an apology to Yamcha. Yamcha accepts the situation and decides it is best to put an end to the hatchet. Both fighters become fast friends, and this relationship lasts throughout the series.

4 Saibaman Self-Destructive Attack Victims

Yamcha’s transformation from a strong and respected character to a joke occurred in Dragon Ball Z just before Vegeta (and Nappa) arrived on Earth. Goku was still regaining his training so it fell to the Z Warriors and the rest to stall for a time and stop them from taking over Earth.

Vegeta (and Nappa) use the Saibamen for testing the strength of Z Warriors who have arrived to stop them. Yamcha tries boldly to defeat one of these henchmen. However, he underestimates their strength and is eventually defeated by a self-destructive attack by one Saibamen. These creatures are so weak and Yamcha dying in a funny pose has made it one of the most beloved moments in Dragon Ball history.

5 Taking GokuTo Kame House Following A Heart Attack by Saiyan

Dragon Ball Z Yamcha does not have many shining moments. After getting his strength sucked out, he turns into a punching bag. However, Yamcha intervenes when Goku starts to feel the effects of the heart virus which Future Trunks had warned him of.

Vegeta takes up the fight against Android 19, but Yamcha carries Goku in his arms and flies all over to Kame House for him to recover. Many people believe that Goku would have died without Yamcha taking him back to safety, and helping him take the medicine that he needed to save his own life.

6 Single-Handedly Winning A Intergalactic Game Of Baseball

Dragon Ball Super made Yamcha more distant, his participation is very passive. He does get his time in the spotlight though, as, the beloved filler episodes of baseball, give him a chance to shine.

He relies on his baseball experience to win the game in favor of Universe 7, but the way he does this is quite hilarious. After Champa & Beerus end up destroying the whole ground, Yamcha puts his life on the line and scores the winning hit while lying in a familiar position. This is a throwback from when he lost his self-destructive attack from a Saibaman.

7 Being Snubbed From Universe7’s Team For the Tournament Of Power

Yamcha automatically assumed that Goku would request him to be a member of the team, as he had decided to gather participants for the Tournament of Power. Yamcha, realizing he was far from his best, decided to practice the rejection speech beforehand in a cocky fashion.

This made the events hilarious as Goku ignored Yamcha completely and didn’t even consider him a possibility. Yamcha was made worse by Krilliin’s selection for the intergalactic championship.

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