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One Piece: The Secrets Behind Luffy’s Triumph Against Katakuri

Did Luffy’s victory in One Piece’s most controversial battle really earned or was it simply plot armor?

Through One Piece‘s more than 1,000 chapters, Luffy has faced numerous opponents with a variety of fighting styles and abilities. Some of them he has defeated without much difficulty, while others posed a greater danger. One fight that’s being discussed today by the fans is his battle with Charlotte Katakuri, one of the many children of Big Mom.

Katakuri was among Luffy’s most powerful opponents and was able to match him blow for blow due to the Mochi Mochi no Mi powers which let him duplicate Luffy’s attack similar to Luffy’s Elephant Gun. Although he was a paramecia-type Devil Fruit Mochi Mochi no Mi, Katakuri was able to transform his body into a mochi similar to a Logia-type ability. How did Luffy beat such a formidable foe?

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What was the reason Luffy beat Katakuri?

Luffy and Katakuri had some scuffles during Pudding’s wedding ceremony and then their escape. However, their main fight would start in the Thousand Sunny deck in Chapter 878 (Episode 85 in the anime), after Pedro gave himself up. Katakuri had escaped the ship using Brulee’s ability to traverse mirrors and is waiting to see their return.

Katakuri tried to stop the group while they prepared for their flight escape. However, Luffy was able to drag Katakuri into the Mirro-World to let his companions complete their escape plans. Luffy cut the mirror to prevent Katakuri and his crew from returning to the Thousand Sunny. This was the place where Katakuri and Luffy would face off in their first major battle.

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Luffy’s perseverance has earned him victory over Katakuri

Luffy and Katakuri exchanged blows, with Katakuri holding the upper hand for the majority of the battle. This was mainly due to being able to use his Devil Fruit powers awakened. Luffy was unable to keep up and had to take a break to let his Haki recharge. After several rounds and some interference by Charlotte Flampe, both were on the same level. Luffy was able to anticipate movement using the Color of Observation Haki. Katakuri hurt himself in the same manner as he had hurt Luffy by shooting Luffy with a needle. They unleashed their supreme King Haki and once again began trading blows with one another. At the final battle, Luffy was the last one standing as Katakuri had collapsed.

Luffy’s victory could have been the result of a mix. One reason could be that Katakuri’s snack time was interrupted, and he wasn’t able to replenish his strength. In one interview, he said that sugar was the root source of his power. Since he was already behind on his snack and was unable to finish, he may not be able to refuel fully if we take this statement literally. Flampe also interfered with his meal time, and he attacked himself in his abdomen. This is a serious injury.

Even if he’s not getting injured as frequently and battling for his life, injuries like this could affect his health. Luffy continues to be injured and has learned to cope with it. Katakuri utilized her observation haki to be able to anticipate and avoid attacks by using mochi. You can also get exhausted. Luffy might have also been able to win due to luck or plot armor.

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Can Luffy and Katakuri Battle Again?

Are Luffy and Katakuri going to meet each other in the future? If yes, what will take place? There’s a good chance that another fight between stretchy men could take place, based on the reality that Katakuri would prefer an even fight with Luffy in which none of his siblings interfere (despite Luffy’s assertion that there’s no fighting dirty among pirates). Luffy has improved his abilities and power since their initial row. Fighting him again could be a chance to prove the extent to which he’s come. Katakuri has likely been working hard to prepare for a rematch. They have a lot of respect for each other and a fair contest would be fitting.

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