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The Origin of Evil: Watch the Trailer for Stranger Things Prequel Featuring Vecna

The new teaser trailer for Stranger Things: The First Shadow shows the live stage show’s emphasis on the origin of the series antagonist Vecna.

The Stranger Things live stage show has released a teaser trailer that confirms that the show is a prequel focusing on the ominous story of Vecna’s origin.

The teaser comes via the official Twitter account. It includes the name of the prequel, Stranger things The First Shadow, and Hawkins’s 1959 setting. This is illustrated with an animated video of the teenager Henry Creel transforming into Vecna in silhouette. Upside Down Pictures and Netflix revealed that the previously untitled Stranger Thingsstageshow was in development. The show will premiere in July 2022. In the announcement, The Crown‘s Stephen Daldry was confirmed as director of the stage show using the script written by Kate Trefry.

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Stranger Things The First Shadow is one of several projects designed to sustain the series after the launch of the first Netflix series Season 5, the final season. Many viewers have expressed their desire for Stranger Things to continue beyond Season 5. However, a majority of the show’s actors disagree. That includes Mike Wheeler actor Finn Wolfhard who stated in a recent interview that extending the Stranger Things storyline beyond five seasons would be “ridiculous.” Wolfhard added that he trusted the co-creators of the show Matt and Ross Duffer to deliver “a perfect end” in Season 5.

Stranger Things Stars Talk About the Future of the Show

Wolfhard’s co-star David Habour is also firmly in favor of Stranger Things wrapping up after five seasons. Harbour, who is Jim Hopper on the Sci-Fi/Horror Show, has recently stated that it was now time for the show to come to an end so that the Duffers could focus on new and exciting projects. Harbour said, “[I] want] the Duffer Brothers to try other things also.” “It’s amazing how talented those individuals are. I’m eager to see what they’ll do in the future. However, Harbour also admitted that shooting Stranger Things Season 5 will be a “very bittersweet” experience.

The Duffers will not be turning their backs on Stranger Things entirely once the main series ends However, they’ll continue to watch. The Duffers have already come up with an idea for a Stranger Things spin-off series, the premise of which Wolfhard famously predicted. The actor recalled the Duffers’ panicked reaction after he stumbled across their ideas for the future of the franchise in a recent interview. “[Theywere] like, ‘That is the idea to spin off the franchise. Who was the first to tell you?’ I said, “No one ‘…” and they said, “Okay, well…don’t tell anyone,” Wolfhard replied.

Stranger things: The First Shadow opens at the Phoenix Theater in London, in late 2023.

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