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Pokémon Unveils Captain Pikachu in Trailer for New Post-Ash Series

Pokemon released a new trailer for the upcoming Horizons anime. It gives fans a closer look at the new characters from the series as well as Captain Pikachu.

The Pokemon Company has released a trailer for Pokemon Horizons. This anime is the latest in the series and kicks off a new story without Ash Ketchum.

The trailer is primarily focused on the brand new trainer Liko, a young woman who starts her Pokemon journey to not only discover herself but uncover the truth behind the mysterious necklace that may bring her together with one of the most powerful Pokemon within the Paldea region. Her cute pet Sprigatito will be with her as well as Roy (a friend of hers with a strange Pokeball that he wants to fight “the Pokemon from legends”.

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In addition to the two new characters, the trailer also briefly showcases Horizons and its other characters in the game, with special emphasis going on the Rising Volteckers. A specialized research team who travels the globe on an airship to study Pokemon The group is headed by Professor Fried as well as his beloved companion Captain Pikachu. It’s unclear what this team will do to be incorporated into the plot however they’ll likely assist Liko_ and Roy on their adventures across Paldea.

A brand new Pokemon Anime calls for the creation of new Pokemon Trainers

Information on Pokemon Horizons’plot is scarce, but one significant thing that fans aren’t able to understand is the end of Ash Ketchum, who served as the protagonist of the series for more than two years. Ash Ketchum’s beloved character concluded his story in just a few emotionally charged episodes before walking out to the sunset. became the Pokemon champion in 2022. It’s not known if the new heroes will be directly connected to Ash however, many fans believe Liko is Ash’s child and Horizonsis set many years after the first trainer’s tale concluded.

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Following the trend of previous Pokemon anime adaptations, Horizons will whisk audiences away to the Paldea region, which is a locale that was first introduced in the most recent Pokemon games Scarlet and Violet. The fans can expect Liko and Roy to meet both old and new pocket monsters as well as the various leaders dotted around Paldea as they both find themselves and discover the ancient artifacts they have found.

The series will air on April 14th. All of the anime’s older seasons are available on Netflix.

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