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Spy x Family Cosplayers Achieve Incredibly Lifelike Anime Visuals

Three cosplayers recreated the posters from the show, and recreate them in 1:1 proportion.

Three Family cosplayers recreate the characters from the anime during the photograph shoot called waku-waku.

The cosplayers @/linnnng_cos, @/nc__tw and @/ all posted by @/linnnng_cos, portrayed the Forger Family, offering fans a glimpse of how live-action anime adaptations could look. @/linnng_cos was Yor as did @/nc__tw, who played Twilight, and @/ was Anya. The cosplayers even altered the Anya to match the measurements of the poster. Cosplayers recorded every single detail, including their clothes hung in mid-air.

The actor who played Spy x Family Anya in My Hero Academia as the evil Lady Nagant

@/linnng_cos showcased their cosplay as Yor as the Thorn Princess, but the cosplayer has also cosplayed the character in her more casual fashion, with Yor’s red dress and a soft pink headband. Apart from Spy x Family, @/linnnng_cos has also cosplayed as adorable and extravagant Marin Kitagawa from My Dress-Up Darling. Their Instagram page features a cosplay of Sakura Kinomoto, from the popular series of magical girls Cardcaptor Sakura.

@/nc__tw cosplayed Twilight and, in the same way, displayed Twilight’s dualities by wearing Loid sweater in beige, with a white collar peeking through in a different picture. Yor was cosplayed with a red background. Recently, @/nc__tw played Lucy from the critically acclaimed Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. @/ displayed their adorable side by cosplaying as Anya However, it appears they usually opt for more mature costumes.

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About Spy x Family

Spy x Family developed by Tatsuya Endeo, was launched on Shonen Jump+ March 2019. SpyxFamily quickly won the hearts of readers from all over the world with its story of an eclectic family consisting of a spy who claims to be a father in order to spread world peace, an assassin pretending to be a city worker and an four-year-old Telepath disguised as an ordinary six-year-old, . Every character has their own reasons for carrying on with the farce. However, they all desire to be part of an extended family and understand that they are loved unconditionally. In April 2022, Wit Studio and CloverWorks worked together to produce an adaptation of the anime that ran for two separate courses. Prior to the show’s debut the series had hit over two million in circulation. The first time the show aired, Spy x Familyrecorded 15 million copies. By the end of December 2022 the manga had sold over 29 million copies.

The first season of Spyx Familyis now available on Crunchyroll. A 2nd season and an original movie will release sometime in 2023 The film will be directed by Endo overseeing the film.

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