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JoJo Unleashed: 10 Exceptional Phantom Blood Cosplays to Capture Your Imagination

JoJo’s Phantom Blood arc was full of gothic and bold characters to cosplay. Here are a few of our favorite characters!

Every great story has to begin somewhere. For instance, in the case of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure the shonen series that has been running for a long time, Phantom Bloodwas an initial story arc which was set in Victorian England. Phantom Bloodis a part of the JoJouniverse, even though later story arcs like the Stardust Crusaderseclipsed it.

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It’s the 1880s and Jonathan Joestar is the hero who must fight the rampaging vampire lord Dio Brando and save the entire world before it’s too late. The 1880s are a period of Hamon mysteries, mysterious, cool outfits for gentlemen and stone masks. It’s a great cosplay topic. Let’s see what fans have come up with.

The Invader

Dio Brando is the first of the gallery. He was the troubled boy who wreaked havoc on the Joestar family. The future vampire. Cosplayer @prismocube captured the essence of Dio Brando, from his deceptively handsome eyes to his cruel, arrogant gaze.

The cosplayer also included a sound effect in Katakana, which gives the piece a manga-like feel. The cosplayer’s elegant hair and cool style will make the piece stand out. Dio is evil and looks pretty good.

Nine Newlyweds

Jonathan Joestar was devastated when Dio changed his life and changed it completely. However, he had his beautiful wife Erina Pendleton with him. Erina Pendleton is an extremely important character in the tale. She should not be overlooked.

In this stunning cosplay image taken by @chaotic_charisma, Jonathan is looking positively radiant as he holds his bride close and, no doubt, he’s swears to protect her from evil both now and in the future. Erina looks stunning on her wedding day and her golden hair contrasts well with Jonathan’s dark blue shade.

8 The Bully

Dio Brando was determined to make Jonathan Joestar suffer and everyone in his vicinity as much as he could, and throwing his body around Danny the dog was just the start. Dio Brando was aware that Jonathan Joestar was becoming closer to Erina Penndleton. He made an appearance. A mean one.

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Dio harassed Erina in an attempt to “sully her” so Jonathan wouldn’t want her. Cosplayers from @nightsidecosplay and @teatimechaps showed the cruel aspect of Dio’s charms as Erina quickly realizes that Jonathan’s foster bro is not one she can trust.

7 Artifact Of Destiny

Dio was determined to tear down the Joestar family one way or another, and Dio even began inflicting poison on George Joestar, the family head. He was able to accomplish so much with a body that was mortal and he needed the mask of stone.

The bizarre Aztec artifact transformed Dio into something else. Cosplayer @inna.perina neatly captures the spirit of Dio when he is holding the object as if to say, “Behold, the ultimate power in the universe! And it’s all mine!”

6 Truce

It’s now time to stop. The cosplayers imagine a beautiful scene in which the foster brothers get along. Given enough time, foster family members will feel like true family and spending time with each other is important.

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In this rustic fall shot, Dio and Jonathan decided to make the most of the mild weather and settled on a bench under a tree to finish their research. Because of their social status them to be, they’re not just great fighters, but also a well-read gentleman.

5 Ultimate Heroes

Hamon was the main source of power prior to the Stands, like Star Platinum, Stardust Crusaders. Hamon is the power of the sun, as well as the breath. Jonathan Joestar was taught the Hamon ways by Baron Zeppeli and became a powerful vampire killer.

In this cool cosplay shot by @dragopolo, it’s time for action, and Jonathan is a buff shonen hero from the 1980s who’s prepared to drive his fists to the core of evil to destroy it once and for all. It’s also worth mentioning that the bright background and yellow Hamon aura help to complete the image.

4 Roberta Speedwagon

This story arc includes one of the male “waifu” characters in the anime world: Robert Speedwagon. His stylish clothes and cool poses are worthy of cosplay in no way, and that includes slick cosplays that are gender-benders, like this one. Speedwagon is ready to save the world.

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Cosplayer @speedstache_cosplays stays largely true to the original character, but she did add some visual flair with a rainbow bow tie in the left image and long, wavy blonde hair that no doubt looks dramatic and cool while she’s in a fight. Jonathan can count on her.

3 3 And Get Me

Dio Brando was really comfortable with his new vampire status when he donned that mask. He was a stylishvampire, too and found a scary castle to be his own, surrounded by strange chimera pets and minions in the throne room.

Cosplayer @inna.perina captures the eerie character Dio the vampire, from the moody blue and magenta lighting to the dark lipstick, black attire blood dribble, the red rose in one cool shot. And that facial expression is truly lusty for Jonathan’s blood.

2 Joanna Joestar

Jonathan Joestar will be the subject of this gender-bender. In the story, he is a huge and tough guy But what if he were the heir to the Joestar family and a young woman who emphasized agility and speed instead?

The newest JoJo heroine is just an actress who can dazzle guests and beat vampires into submission when she tries to attack her family or friends. @panta.cos has created the cosplay, which is a perfect blend of ethereal effects.

Three Heroes

The adventurers have finally come together, and Dio should be on the lookout for the three. Jonathan isn’t going it alone and Speedwagon along with him, not to mention Baron Zeppeli, one of the great instructors and mentors in the world of anime.

This cosplay shot is full of a sense of adventure and excitement, starting with Zeppelin’s “there’s danger up ahead” expression to Jonathan’s alert look and Speedwagon looking terrified. Together, they’re stronger than any obstacle.

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