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Hitting the Bullseye: A League of Legends Fan’s Showstopping Jinx Cosplay

The Piltover army of wardens will be able to shut down this dedicated fan’s extravagant cosplay of League of Legends’ laughing anarchist, Jinx.

One fan has designed a cosplay with the gun toting Jinx in League of Legends.

Cosplayer Eleanor Barnes went to paint the town red wearing a steampunk costume inspired by The Loose Cannon’s appearance on the animated spinoff show Arcane. Particularly, Jinx’s blue cloud tattoos were reproduced and kept in a meticulous manner and Barnes noting that she was having trouble getting the paint off.

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Jinx was introduced in League of Legends in 2013. Her dazzling smile, and arsenal of explosives quickly led to her becoming one of the most popular Champions. The minigun-wielding marksman appeared in everything from her own personal music video to dedicated short stories that flesh out the towns of Piltover and Zaun. She was recently one of ‘s major characters on Arcane. This show was Riot’s first appearance on television. The show cast a spotlight over Jinx’s origins, revealing the events that transformed Vi’s quiet sister Powder into the impulsive and chaotic criminal from the source material.

“She wasn’t born this amazing sexually sexy psychopath. Ella Purnell, Jinx’s voice actress, has said that this doesn’t happen. “She was able to become the person she is because of the trauma she suffered. I think that seeing Powder at the beginning of the season can be beneficial in setting the background for the audience.” Purnell clarified that Jinx’s wild enthusiasm as one of the most fascinating traits of the character, stressing how she darted between brattiness and spontaneity.

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Christian Linke, the executive producer of Arcane also thought that Jinx and Vi’s complex relationship was a great starting point for League of Legends’s epic mythology. He said this dynamic could be used without overwhelming newcomers. The team behind the project wanted to create an engaging discussion platform for Runterra fans and also for those who have stuck with the IP.

Riot Games has discussed the possibility of the possibility of a live action series to League of Legends considering Arcane‘s huge success. Riot Global President of Entertainment Shauna Spenley announced the company’s plans to experiment with different forms of entertainment media, claiming Riot “was simply testing the waters of TV and film for the moment.”

League of Legends is a no-cost MOBA for PC is available. The animated spinoff series Arcane is streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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