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Best Game-Themed Costumes: For All Shapes, Sizes, & Styles

Greetings, gaming devotees and cosplay zealots! Time to dive into the electrifying realm of game-inspired Character Costumes, catering to every body shape, size, and fashion sense. With the gaming mania sweeping the globe, our wish to embody our cherished virtual heroes and heroines amplifies. How about we amplify this ardor further with the brilliance of LED Neon Signs? Embark on this journey with me!

Best Game-Themed Costumes: For All Shapes, Sizes, & Styles

Unshackling the Might of LED Neon Signage

Pause before we plunge into the world of costumed chaos and take a moment to marvel at the singular allure of LED Neon Signs. These radiant pieces of art, synthesizing nostalgic and contemporary aesthetics, possess the power to metamorphose any gaming shindig or cosplay gala into a visual feast to remember.

Advance Your Game with Themed Character Costumes

Be it the adrenaline-fueled battles of Call of Duty or the enchanting universes of Final Fantasy, each game presents a legion of characters, each boasting their distinctive flair and charm. But why merely game when you can live the game? Delve into the universe of Character Costumes and transform into your beloved digital paragon or antagonist.

Elevate Your Style with Anime Accessories

Mastering the art of cosplay extends far beyond just adorning the perfect ensemble. Die-hard fans recognize that the devil is in the details. No game-inspired costume can be deemed complete without coordinating Anime Accessories. These understated additions can greatly boost your overall guise, making your impersonation truly convincing.

LED Neon Signs: The Decorative Game Changer

Sprinkle some fun onto your gaming celebrations with LED Neon Signs. Be it an imposing silhouette of your adored character, a radiant emblem of the game, or a vibrant neon rendition of the character’s signature catchphrase – these signs are designed to grab attention and hearts.

Crafting Your Ideal Character Costume

One of the most rewarding aspects of cosplay lies in creating your own character costume. Drawing inspiration from the games, infusing it with your unique touch, and witnessing it come alive is an experience that teeters on magical. With a dash of ingenuity and a healthy dose of passion, you can breathe life into your unique rendition of beloved characters.

Best Game-Themed Costumes: For All Shapes, Sizes, & Styles

To Wrap Up

Game-themed character costumes transcend the realm of mere clothing – they serve as a medium of self-expression, a portal to fantasy realms, and above all, an ode to the games we deeply adore. Marry this with the perfect anime accessories and the pulsating beauty of LED Neon Signs, and you’ve got a gaming experience that’s immersive and extraordinary in equal measure.

Whether you’re a greenhorn in the cosplay universe or a seasoned warrior, dare to push your style boundaries, walk in the shoes of your favorite characters, and light up your gaming passion. The captivating world of character costumes and anime accessories is ready to welcome you!

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Pokémon Cosplay: How to Transform into Your Favorite Monster


Step into a world where you can be any creature, trainer, or character you wish from the beloved Pokémon universe. Pokémon cosplay isn’t merely about wearing a costume; it’s an enchanting journey into a realm where the boundary between fantasy and reality is blurred, and your favorite monster or trainer comes to life!

Becoming a Pokémon: Beyond Dressing Up

Embracing Pokémon cosplay is like diving into a reality-altering role-play. When you don the costume of Pikachu or Ash Ketchum, it’s not just about replicating their look. It’s an opportunity to embody their spirit, their strength, and their unique charm. Every stitch you sew, every prop you create, is a step closer to the exciting Pokémon universe.

The Pokédex of Possibilities: Exploring Cosplay Options

In the expansive world of Pokémon, the cosplay options are almost endless. Want to exude electric charisma? Go as Pikachu. Fancy a fiery persona? Choose Charizard. And if you prefer the human aspect, why not opt for Ash, Misty, or even the stylishly infamous Team Rocket? Every choice is an adventure waiting to happen.

Age-Fluid Adventures: Pokémon Cosplay for All

Pokémon cosplay is not bound by age. Whether you’re a child infatuated with the cuddly Togepi, a teenager eager to embody the mysterious Greninja, or an adult keen on stepping into the wise shoes of Professor Oak, there’s a Pokémon cosplay journey tailored for you. This world embraces trainers of all ages!

Inclusivity in Pokémon Cosplay: Embracing Diversity

In the Pokémon realm, inclusivity is key. Whether you’re tall or short, slim or plump, beginner or seasoned cosplayer, there’s no barrier to who you can become. The Pokémon universe encourages you to express your creative passion, irrespective of your body type, gender, or cosplay proficiency. After all, a Charizard isn’t defined by its height, and a Jigglypuff can be muscular!

Crafting Your Pokémon Persona: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ready to metamorphose into your chosen character? Start with a vision of your character. Once chosen, gather the materials – fabrics, accessories, makeup – everything that you need to bring your character to life. Use online tutorials and community advice to your advantage, and remember, it’s the details that count. The precision in your pokéball or the curl of Pikachu’s tail is what transforms a costume into an immersive cosplay experience.

Join the League: Immersing in the Cosplay Community

After transforming into your Pokémon, it’s time to join the league! Show off your transformation at a cosplay convention. If that’s not your style, local events, themed parties, or even online communities can be your stage. The Pokémon cosplay community is a place of camaraderie, shared passion, and fun. Who knows, you might even find your teammates for the next big Trainer challenge!

Embrace Your Inner Pokémon: Unleashing Your Cosplay Potential

In the realm of Pokémon cosplay, you don’t just catch ’em all, you become ’em all! With every character, you embrace a piece of the Pokémon universe’s creativity, inclusivity, and endless fun. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your Pokémon or trainer, and embark on your exciting cosplay journey. The world of Pokémon is waiting for you!

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Unlock Anime Style: Drawing Clothes for All Skill Levels


In the vibrant world of anime, the attire of characters serves as a silent yet powerful storyteller, infusing depth and individuality into the characters. This guide is your compass, leading novices on a journey to master the craft of sketching anime attire, complete with a roadmap of step-by-step guidance, handy tips, and illustrative examples.

Unlock Anime Style: Drawing Clothes for All Skill Levels

Basics of Drawing Anime Clothing

Anime attire, in its essence, is a simplified rendition of real-world clothing. To truly grasp its design and structure, one must first delve into the study of actual garments. An indispensable step in this artistic journey is to sketch a rudimentary outline of the body prior to clothing it.

How to Draw Different Types of Anime Clothing

This segment serves as a detailed manual, offering step-by-step guidance and examples for sketching a variety of anime clothing:

  • Anime Leather Jackets: In the anime realm, leather jackets often mask the body’s contours. The primary creases are typically found at the shoulder and within the elbow’s interior.
  • Anime Jeans: Anime-style jeans, particularly the tight-fitting variety, closely follow the body’s form. The creases in such jeans are commonly found at the knee sides and at the very top, between the legs.
  • Anime Shirts: Anime-style shirts, more so than jackets, tend to reveal the body’s form. If the shirt is snug and short-sleeved, only a handful of folds are necessary.
  • Anime Skirts: When sketching an anime school uniform skirt, vertical lines are your friends, helping to indicate the folds’ proportions.
  • Anime Sweaters and Sweatpants: Anime-style sweaters and sweatpants, typically baggy, are characterized by numerous folds and curves.

Remember, the devil is in the details. Adding textures and details can breathe life into your garments, making them appear more realistic. Avoid common pitfalls when sketching each type of clothing.

Best Practices for Drawing Anime Clothing

Infusing movement and form into your anime attire can transform your sketches from static to dynamic. A deep understanding of clothing anatomy and structure is paramount. Techniques for shading and coloring anime outfits can amplify the realism of your sketches.

Unlock Anime Style: Drawing Clothes for All Skill Levels


This tutorial has equipped you with the fundamental knowledge needed to sketch anime attire. The key to mastery lies in relentless practice and continuous improvement of your anime attire sketching skills. Explore other related tutorials and resources on the website to further sharpen your skills.

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Video: Jonathan Majors Blown Away by Young Ant-Man Enthusiast’s Impressive Kang Cosplay

The actor Jonathan Majors reacts with awe to a fan’s Kang cosplay during the world premiere of Marvel’s forthcoming film Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

A young man sporting a costume to honor Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania’s premiere attracted the attention of Marvel film’s stars, including an incredibly emotional reaction from Jonathan Majors.

Through TikTok: Logan Winter, a seven-year-old cosplayer who’s also a social media influencer and cosplayer, posted an image of himself wearing Kang the Conqueror-inspired gear on the red carpet at Marvel’s Ant-Man threequel’s premiere in Los Angeles on February 6. Majors who portray the menacing Kang in Quantumania and Quantumania, shared a touching reaction when he saw Logan who was astonished, and then rushed over to Logan to sign his helmet. Kathryn Newton and Paul Rudd, Quantumania’s stars have also signed the helmet and also took pictures with Logan. Winter is well-known for his costumes of Ant-Man as well as other superheroes. The actor often posts photos on Instagram.

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Quantumania’s world premiere featured several noteworthy moments. Marvel president Kevin Feige was close to accidentally revealing an important Marvel Cinematic Universe spoiler. Initial reactions were generally positive for Quantumania with certain viewers applauding its unique style and raving about how Majors’ compelling character was.

Ant-Man and Kang meet in the Quantum Realm

Kang the Conqueror is a new addition to the Marvel live-action lineup, set to play a major part both in Quantumania as well as the future of the MCU. The film’s upcoming release will see Kang and Ant-Man (Rudd) battle within the Quantum Realm as they both are seeking to escape the time-warping dimension. This reportedly was Rudd’s idea in the original Ant-Man movie. In the lead-up to Quantumania, Kang’s power has been highly acknowledged. He had a hefty build to be able to play the role, as well as for Creed III.

Quantumania begins Phase 5 of the MCU, with Rudd and Evangeline Lilly reprising their roles as Ant-Man and Wasp, respectively. Newton is Scott Lang’s daughter Cassie. Bill Murray, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Michael Douglas as well appear. Quantumania has multiple post-credit scenes, with some viewers hinting that there may be a major reveal in those scenes.

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Majors made his MCU debut in the Disney+ series Loki. He played Kang the Conqueror, Kang the Conqueror’s multiversal counterpart, He Who Remains. Majors is also known for his role in Devotion, The Harder They Fall, and The Harder They Fall. Majors will reprise his role as Kang the Conqueror in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty in 2025. In the meantime, there are whispers of a possible Ant-Man 4, with producer Stephen Broussard confirming he, Marvel CEO Kevin Feige, and Ant-Man franchise director Peyton Reed have spoken about the potential of another sequel.

Quantumania is set to open in theaters all across North America on Feb. 17.

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Low Budget, High Impact: One-Punch Man Fan’s Saitama Cosplay Captures the Essence

Have you ever wished to be as strong as Saitama? While the physique of a hero could seem like a daunting task, there’s the possibility of cosplaying One Punch Man at a fraction of the cost.

A funny and inexpensive cosplay that highlights One-Punch-Man’s Saitama’s most well-known character.

The photo posted by user Garoukaral posted on Reddit the image, shows a head that has been shaved and a well-placed light bulb that can recreate a scene from the manga flawlessly. In a post, the cosplayer said that they had done some laborious work to create Saitama’s physique, but were unhappy that his body was just too perfect and impossible to replicate.

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The Average Man is the champion of one-punch Man

The ongoing One-Punch Man manga by One, which is currently suspended was first published on Shueisha’s Tonari no Young Jump website in June of 2012, and the series has produced 27 volumes of content to date. Saitama begins the story as a typical Joe and can experience the thrills that come from defeating villains and monsters. While not inherently gifted with superpowers. He can attain extraordinary strength by doing 100 sit-ups, push-ups, and squats, and running 10 miles every day. One-Punch Man has sold over 30 million copies worldwide and was nominated for an Eisner Award in 2015.

One’s manga received an animated adaptation, which originally was aired for two seasons from October 2015 and July 2019. Studio Madhouse (The Vampire Dies in No Time) produced the first season, with J.C.Staff (The Executioner and Her Way of Life) as the animator for Season 2. The show features Makoto Furukawa (Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury) as Saitama. There was confirmation for the third season, but at the moment of writing little information is known about the show.

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The One-Punch Man fans are flexible in their Creativity

Garoukaral’s low-budget cosplay isn’t the only funny fan-made piece of content that show Saitama in all his bald glory. Notably, an animation was posted by the Etoilec1 Animation YouTube channel towards the end of last season that depicts the hero facing off against Dragon Ball’s battle-obsessed Son Goku. The brawl is full of action as well as references to both classic anime.

Furthermore, those who love One’s work will find more to be thrilled about than impressive cosplay and fan-made video. Mangaka One announced the next series earlier in the year. Ka-Ra Hai is a series titled that. The cover of the project was posted on the Anime News and Facts account. It depicts a young man with a stone face and a shattered cityscape. Ka-Ra Hai is a one-shot and will be released on April 27.

VIZ Media distributes One’s manga series in North America, and the One-Punch Man anime adaptation is accessible to stream on Crunchyroll.

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Leisurely Lethality: One Piece Cosplayer Portrays a Tranquil Trafalgar D. Law

Cosplayer MyFaceMyCanvas Brings Trafalgar D. Water Law to live in a cool cosplay that captures the famous pirate captain’s attitude and swagger.

One Piece fan and talented artist has created a cosplay that portrays Trafalgar D. Water law, also known as The Surgeon Of Death.

Reddit user MyFaceMyCanvas shared images of their pre-time skip Law costume. It is adorned with the character’s distinctive hoodie, soft hat, and attitude. Other famous anime characters are being created by the cosplayer like Bleach’s Aizen Susuke Vinsmoke from One Piece’s Sanji and Jujutsu Kaisen’s Maki Zenin. Hellsing’s Alucard is also featured.

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One Piece Offers a Wealth of Inspiration for Cosplayers with Talent.

Because One Piece features an expansive cast of colorful characters and characters, it’s no surprise that the series inspires a wealth of impressive cosplay. MyFaceMyCanvas’s casual Law cosplay is not the only example. Some recent examples include Fabibi’s nearly-perfect recreation by Boa Hancock of the Snake Princess’s outfit from 2019’s One Piece: Stampede’s striking recreation of Yamato the Oni The son of Kaido the Beasts.

Eichiiro Oda’s classic Pirate series first appeared in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in 1997. It’s the best-selling manga in history, with over 516 million copies available around the world. One Piece is the story of Monkey D. Luffy (a young pirate captain) as his crew travels across the Grand Line to search for hidden treasure.

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The law was first introduced to the story in the “Sabaody Archipelago Arc.” The law would later be a major ally to Straw Hat Pirates during “Dressrosa,” the “Whole Cake Island” as well as the “Wano Country,” sagas. The manga’s tale is moving toward its epic finale there have been a lot of people beginning to speculate about how Law’s unique Devil Fruit powers, which could give someone immortality, could play into the story’s conclusion.

There have been a lot of other recent developments within the One Piece franchise than just stunning cosplay. The franchise’s latest film, One Piece Film: Red, continues to lead the box office. One Piece Film: red has earned more than 17 billion yen (roughly $122 million) in Japan according to a tweet’s poster. This is just its theatrical run. This makes it one of the most popular films in Japan alongside Jujutsu Kaisen 0 (Spirited Away) and Spirited Away.

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S and Steam. Bandai Namco says that “One Piece Odyssey” will take players of the Straw Hat Crew on quests to an unknown island, in which they battle powerful foes and enemies in thrilling turn-based battles.

VIZ Media distributes One Piece in English.

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Blade Buddies: Fun Cosplay Brings Chainsaw Man and Katana Man Together for a Mall Adventure

Cosplayers of Chainsaw Man or Katana Man post photos of themselves in the role of the duo while shopping at local stores and going to Mcdonald’s.

Cosplayer Josozi Cosplayer Josozi Chainsaw Man, Katana Man on an outing to the mall to celebrate the final episode of the anime.

Reddit images depict the devil-human hybrids appearing to be best buddies while taking in the sights of D-mop outlets as well as McDonald’s. They’re joined by cosplayers dressed as other characters from the series such as Aki and Makima, complete with their signature topknots and yellow contacts and yellow contacts, respectively. Jasozi explained that the Chainsaw Man’s outfit is made largely of PVC pipes as well as other objects. The head has an adjustable knife that can be removed and an audio speaker that plays the chainsaw roar.

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Jasozi shared the images on the same day that the Chainsaw Man anime dropped its season finale, which is titled “KATANA Vs. CHAINSAW.” The episode concluded the manga’s “Katana Man” series, featuring Denji as the main character battling the antagonist of the title. Despite the enthusiastic reception from viewers and the positive reviews from critics, MAPPA has yet to announce a second season. Its popularity and faithfulness in the manga have earned it a spot on CBR’s list of the best anime in 2022. The studio still has many stories to be told in future episodes. Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga is in its 12th volume.

Chainsaw Man’s popularity has resulted in a wealth of cosplay. Jasozi is among several artists who have taken on the character of the beloved. Cavin Creations’ grueling Chainsaw Man cosplay featured a trio of fully functional blades. Low-Cost Cosplay also showcased his adorable Pochita look that caught the attention of Shihei Lin (editor of Chainsaw Man).

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Chainsaw Man centers on the anti-hero Denji, who receives the love of his Chainsaw Devil dog Pochita after his deceased father’s mafia-related debt has him dead in a dumpster. Denji is now equipped with the ability to change into Chainsaw Man and tries to maintain a normal life while hunting devils for Japan’s Public Safety division. It’s more challenging than was expected when devil hunters like Katana Man come looking for the Chainsaw Devil’s heart which puts Denji in the crossfire.

Crunchyroll offers the first season of Chainsaw Man available for streaming. VIZ Media distributes the manga in North America.

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Genuinely Spine-Chilling: Chainsaw Man Cosplay with a Razor-Sharp Twist

Chainsaw Man comes to life in this stunning cosplay in which the chains on Devil Hunter’s head and arms are functioning.

Many cosplayers strive to bring life into their characters. This cosplayer created that effect for Chainsaw Man.

Cavin Creations (CavinCreations), shared a short video on Twitter of their Chainsaw Man cosplay. They not only dressed in the Public Safety Bureau uniform, comprising a white button-up and black tie, along with Denji’s iconic chainsaw head and arms, but they were able to crank up the three chainsaws themselves. The sound of the chainsaws can make any devil quake in fear.

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The previous day of the event, the actor posted an e-mail with a glimpse of their procedure in which they explained how the chainsaw inside their head ran. They put the chainsaw, which is normally in their hands, onto a broomstick to show how they could make use of it. This was the first time Cavin Creations has cosplayed an anime character.

The Cosplayer has Experience in Making Working Props

Cavin Creations is well-known for creating Spider-Manprops as well as outfits from specific Spider-Man movies such as No Way Home and The Amazing Spider-Man. They regularly post videos of their creations, such as their web shooters, as well as Spider-Man masks which they are in a position to control hands-free. The cosplayer also posted a recreation of the Spider-Man Pointing at Spider-Man meme, along with two other cosplayers.

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Chainsaw Man’s Animation Inspires Epic Cosplays

In the wake of the MAPPA-produced adaptation of Chainsaw Man, fans have been posting very creative cosplays, including Pochita cosplays that use the rear of a person to create the frighteningly violent Chainsaw Man. Tatsuki Yamamoto’s Chainsaw Man was first published in Weekly Shonen Jump, 2018-2020. The series transitioned to Shonen Jump+ in July 2022. The series has received praise for its dark world-building aspects and its wildly crude sense of humor. It has been a New York Times bestseller several times. In 2021, it won Best Shonen Manga at Shogakukan Manga Awards. It beat Teasing Master Takagi and Burning Kabaddi. The series was also awarded the Harvey Award for Best Manga twice in a row with a win over strong rivals such as Muneyuki Kaneshiro’s Blue Lock, Tatsuya Endo’s Spy x Family, and Shuzo Omi’s Blood on the Tracks.

Chainsaw Man stars as a young man named Denji. Denji is somewhat anti-hero. Denji doesn’t see the value to continue living after being left with the debts of his dying father. After meeting the dog who is devil Pochita, Denji regains enough drive to keep fighting demons, hoping that he’ll be able to have a normal existence. That dream becomes a possibility when he turns into the dangerous Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw Manis currently streams on Crunchyroll every Tuesday.

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Retail Romp: Chainsaw Man and Katana Man Join Forces in Lighthearted Cosplay

Cosplayers from Chainsaw Man or Katana Man post photos of themselves and their duo while shopping at local stores and go to Mcdonalds.

Cosplayer Josozi Cosplayer Josozi Chainsaw Man, Katana Man, and Katana to the mall to celebrate of the show’s final season.

Reddit images show the devil-human hybrids pretending to be best friends while enjoying the sights at D-mop outlet and McDonald’s. Cosplayers dress in the character of the show such as Aki or Makima and have their yellow contacts and topknots. Jasozi explained in the post that the majority of the clothing of Chainsaw Man was made of PVC pipes and other random objects, and the head has a blade that can be detached that has a speaker small enough to create that famous chainsaw roar.

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Jasozi uploaded the pictures today, just as the Chainsaw Man anime dropped its season finale titled “KATANA VS. CHAINSAW.” The episode concluded the manga’s “Katana Man arc” featuring the main character Denji being rematched with the antagonist of the title. Despite the great reception received by the public and the positive reviews of the critics, MAPPA has yet to announce a second season. Its popularity and the authenticity of the manga have earned it a spot on CBR’s list of the top series in 2022. The studio still has plenty of stories to tell in upcoming episodes. Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga is in its 12th volume.

Chainsaw Man’s popularity led to a lot of cosplay. Jasozi is joined by countless artists who have expressed their admiration for the series by portraying the beloved characters. Cavin Creations’ grueling Chainsaw Man cosplay featured three fully functioning blades. Low-Cost Cosplay also revealed his cute Pochita getup, which even got the interest of Shihei Lin, the editor of Chainsaw Man.

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Chainsaw Man centers on the anti-hero Denji who gets the heart of his Chainsaw Devil dog Pochita after his father’s murder is buried in a trash bin. Denji is now able to transform into Chainsaw Man. The power to transform into Chainsaw Man, tries to remain a normal person while hunting devils for Japan’s Public Safety division. Denji is put in danger by Katana Man who is a devil hunter as well as a devil who seeks the Chainsaw Devil’s heart.

Crunchyroll has the first season of Chainsaw Man available to stream. VIZ Media distributes the manga in North America.

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Holiday Hijinks: Inosuke from Demon Slayer Brightens the Season with Delightful Cosplay

Unicorn Astronaut, a popular cosplayer, mixes the holiday season with Demon Slayer to create an Inosuke costume that is scary and festive.

Cosplayer of the moment, Kimetsu The No Yaiba costume.

Unicorn Astronaut’s Inosuke costume, which was uploaded on Reddit includes a red, green, and white color scheme with Santa Claus-inspired pants as well as candy cane swords that have wrapping paper handles. The background features a huge glittering Christmas tree.

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The Christmasy cosplay is one of many impressive costumes available on Unicorn Astronaut’s Reddit. Some other examples are Tsui, Deku, Todoroki, and All Might from My Hero Academia, Vegeta, Trunks, Bulma, and Broly from Dragon Ball, and Tanjiro Kamado from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

The Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaibamanga series written by Koyoharu Gotouge was serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump from February 2016 until May 2020, resulting in 23 volumes of content. The story is about Tanjiro who is a sweet boy who lives in the mountains with his family; however his life drastically changes when his parents are killed by demons and his sister, Nezuko, is transformed into one.

Ufotable and director Haruo Sotozaki developed the anime adaptation, which premiered in April 2019. The show quickly became a cult favorite and was later able to win Anime of the Year, Best Boy, and Best Fight Scene at the 2020 Crunchyroll Anime Awards. Demon Slayer The second season of Kimetsu Yaiba was released in October.

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Unicorn Astronaut’s Inosuke cosplay joins other recent fan creations for the series. Digital illustrator Ceasar Ian Muyuela and digital engineer Christian Gaarenstroom used shifting perspectives to create the illusion of three-dimensional depth in their portraits of the Flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku and the Twelve Kizuki demon Akaza. Moreover, Ambassador and Consul General of Japan in New York Kanji Yamanouchi uploaded a cover version of “Gurenge,” the iconic theme song from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, online to celebrate how anime builds “an important bond and a fantastic connection between American people and the Japanese people.”

Fans have been delighted by the many developments within the Demon Slayer franchise. The anime is adapting the Entertainment District arc. New collectibles are being developed. Preorders are currently accepted by Premium Bandai for Inosuke’s replicas of two Nichirin swords. The Good Smile Company sells 1/4-scale figurines of Kyojuro for $2,969.99 and Takara Tomy Arts offer a cute car that is themed around the Demon Slayer.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaibais available to stream on Hulu, Netflix, Funimation, and Crunchyroll.