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Master Anime Fashion: How to Draw an Anime Hoodie


As an artist or an anime enthusiast, you’ve probably found yourself admiring the unique fashion styles in your favorite anime series. One of the key wardrobe staples you’ll often notice is the anime hoodie – a classic piece that embodies comfort and style. But how do you transfer this fashionable item from the anime world to your sketch pad? Grab your pencils because we’re about to embark on a fun drawing journey!

Master Anime Fashion: How to Draw an Anime Hoodie

The Role of Hoodies in Anime Culture

Before diving into the “how,” let’s understand the “why.” Hoodies in anime aren’t just about creating a fashion statement. They also contribute to a character’s identity and backstory. A bright, oversized hoodie could indicate a lively and cheerful character, while a dark, slim-fit hoodie might hint at a mysterious or introverted personality. By learning to draw an anime hoodie, you’re not just honing your skills; you’re adding depth to your characters.

The Art of Drawing an Anime Hoodie: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Outlining the Figure

Start with a simple sketch of your character, paying particular attention to the torso’s shape. Remember, the body’s form will significantly influence the hoodie’s look.

Step 2: Sketching the Hoodie

Next, begin sketching the outline of the hoodie around the figure you’ve drawn. This part requires a good understanding of how fabric falls and folds over the body. Don’t forget to add room for the character’s movement in the hoodie – it’s typically loose and baggy.

Step 3: Adding the Hood

The hood is a distinguishing feature of the hoodie. It could be drawn up over the character’s head or resting around their neck. Keep the character’s hairstyle in mind as it will impact the hood’s appearance.

Step 4: Detailing

This step is all about the details – the front pocket, the zipper or buttons, the sleeve cuffs, and the inner lining. Small but accurate details can make your anime fashion sketch stand out.

Tips for a Perfect Anime Hoodie Sketch

Practice Makes Perfect

Like any other art form, drawing an anime hoodie takes practice. Draw from various angles and play around with different styles to broaden your skillset.

Understand the Material

The material of the hoodie can change its appearance. A fleece hoodie will look different from a cotton one. Study how different fabrics fold and wrinkle to make your drawings more realistic.

Master Anime Fashion: How to Draw an Anime Hoodie


Drawing an anime hoodie is a fantastic way to enhance your anime sketches, adding an extra layer of personality to your characters. With patience, practice, and the right techniques, you’ll be mastering anime fashion in no time!

Remember to have fun throughout the process. After all, the joy of creating is what makes art truly magical!

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Best Game-Themed Costumes: For All Shapes, Sizes, & Styles

Greetings, gaming devotees and cosplay zealots! Time to dive into the electrifying realm of game-inspired Character Costumes, catering to every body shape, size, and fashion sense. With the gaming mania sweeping the globe, our wish to embody our cherished virtual heroes and heroines amplifies. How about we amplify this ardor further with the brilliance of LED Neon Signs? Embark on this journey with me!

Best Game-Themed Costumes: For All Shapes, Sizes, & Styles

Unshackling the Might of LED Neon Signage

Pause before we plunge into the world of costumed chaos and take a moment to marvel at the singular allure of LED Neon Signs. These radiant pieces of art, synthesizing nostalgic and contemporary aesthetics, possess the power to metamorphose any gaming shindig or cosplay gala into a visual feast to remember.

Advance Your Game with Themed Character Costumes

Be it the adrenaline-fueled battles of Call of Duty or the enchanting universes of Final Fantasy, each game presents a legion of characters, each boasting their distinctive flair and charm. But why merely game when you can live the game? Delve into the universe of Character Costumes and transform into your beloved digital paragon or antagonist.

Elevate Your Style with Anime Accessories

Mastering the art of cosplay extends far beyond just adorning the perfect ensemble. Die-hard fans recognize that the devil is in the details. No game-inspired costume can be deemed complete without coordinating Anime Accessories. These understated additions can greatly boost your overall guise, making your impersonation truly convincing.

LED Neon Signs: The Decorative Game Changer

Sprinkle some fun onto your gaming celebrations with LED Neon Signs. Be it an imposing silhouette of your adored character, a radiant emblem of the game, or a vibrant neon rendition of the character’s signature catchphrase – these signs are designed to grab attention and hearts.

Crafting Your Ideal Character Costume

One of the most rewarding aspects of cosplay lies in creating your own character costume. Drawing inspiration from the games, infusing it with your unique touch, and witnessing it come alive is an experience that teeters on magical. With a dash of ingenuity and a healthy dose of passion, you can breathe life into your unique rendition of beloved characters.

Best Game-Themed Costumes: For All Shapes, Sizes, & Styles

To Wrap Up

Game-themed character costumes transcend the realm of mere clothing – they serve as a medium of self-expression, a portal to fantasy realms, and above all, an ode to the games we deeply adore. Marry this with the perfect anime accessories and the pulsating beauty of LED Neon Signs, and you’ve got a gaming experience that’s immersive and extraordinary in equal measure.

Whether you’re a greenhorn in the cosplay universe or a seasoned warrior, dare to push your style boundaries, walk in the shoes of your favorite characters, and light up your gaming passion. The captivating world of character costumes and anime accessories is ready to welcome you!

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Feline Fashionistas: Your Ultimate Guide to Cat Cosplay

Hey there, you feline aficionados! Welcome to the unpredictable and irresistibly endearing realm of Cat Cosplay. Whether you’re on a quest to capture those Instagram-worthy moments or prepping your purring buddy for their very first Cosplay Convention, you’re exactly where you need to be.

Feline Fashionistas: Your Ultimate Guide to Cat Cosplay

Prioritizing Kitty Comfort

Let’s make one thing clear: your feline’s comfort and safety is of utmost importance. Remember, not every kitty is a fan of dressing up. Their reactions are key, so keep those eyes peeled and those ears perked up.

The Art of Picking Anime Clothing for Furry Paws

Not all anime characters will be a perfect fit for your feline’s cosplay. Opt for characters with distinctive yet uncomplicated costumes. The simpler the ensemble, the better your cat can strut their stuff without feeling encumbered.

DIY or Store-Bought: Crafting Cat Cosplay Outfits

Be it homemade or store-bought, your cat’s costume should tick three boxes: it’s safe, it’s comfy, and it’s easy to wear and remove.

The Delicate Dance of Introducing Cosplay to Your Cat

Ease into the cosplay journey with your feline friend. Let them get their whiskers acquainted with the costume first, rewarding their curiosity with their favorite treats. Slowly build up to having them wear the costume for short spells.

Mastering the Click: Capturing Cat Cosplay

Patience is the secret ingredient to capturing that paw-fact cosplay shot. Play with your cat to make them feel at ease, and ensure you’re shooting in a well-lit, familiar environment.

Feline Fashionistas: Your Ultimate Guide to Cat Cosplay

In Conclusion

Voila! Consider this your treasure map to a joy-filled expedition into the land of cat cosplay. At the end of the day, it’s all about cherishing these fun moments with your furry friend. So take the leap into the exhilarating world of cat cosplay and watch as your feline companions purr-form like the stars they are!

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Immerse in Anime: Choosing the Perfect Cosplay Costume

Introduction: Embodying Anime through Cosplay Costumes

Imagine not just observing anime but actually experiencing it! Welcome to the mystical world of anime cosplay – a blend of imagination, passion, and immersive storytelling. In this guide, we will unpack the allure of anime cosplay and navigate you on the path to picking your perfect costume.

Immerse in Anime: Choosing the Perfect Cosplay Costume

The Thrill of Cosplay: Breathing Life into Anime Characters

Anime cosplay is more than wearing a costume – it’s stepping into a character’s shoes, adopting their persona, and relishing the thrill and satisfaction of becoming your favorite hero or villain. This immersive transformation enhances your connection with the anime, offering an exhilarating, tangible outlet for your fandom.

Choosing Your Anime Doppelganger: Digging Deeper than Appearance

When you’re selecting a character to cosplay, remember it extends beyond mere looks. It requires understanding the character’s quirks, traits, and backstory. Whether you resonate with Naruto’s perseverance, admire Sailor Moon’s bravery, or are intrigued by L’s mystery in Death Note, choosing a character you genuinely connect with will make your cosplay experience more authentic and personally rewarding.

Materializing Your Anime Cosplay: The DIY vs. Ready-Made Conundrum

The journey to your anime cosplay costume can take two distinct paths – the DIY route where you ignite your creativity, knitting every detail together, or opting for the convenience of a pre-made costume. Both options have their merits, depending on your creative prowess, budget, and the amount of time you’re willing to invest.

Intricacies of an Authentic Cosplay Costume: The Devil is in the Detail

An impactful cosplay costume goes beyond the clothing. It’s about mirroring the character’s style, their unique quirks, and the crucial accessories that define them. Be it flamboyant wigs and makeup or symbolic weapons and trinkets, each element augments the authenticity of your anime cosplay. Remember, it’s these minute details that will set you apart from the rest in the cosplay crowd.

Preserving the Cosplay Costume: Ensuring Durability and Appeal

The longevity and appeal of your anime cosplay costume are essential. Make sure you clean your costume as per its material and keep it stored in a clean, dry environment. By ensuring appropriate upkeep, you will keep your treasured anime cosplay costume in pristine condition, ready to wow the crowd at the next event or convention.

Immerse in Anime: Choosing the Perfect Cosplay Costume

Conclusion: The Fascinating Voyage of Anime Cosplay

Anime cosplay is not just a hobby; it’s an immersive journey into the heart of anime. When you step into your favorite characters’ shoes, you’re not just donning a costume; you’re joining a vibrant community, fostering creativity, and most importantly, having a heap of fun. So whether you’re a novice anime fan or a seasoned enthusiast, consider anime cosplay, where reality and the anime universe beautifully blur.

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One Piece Enthusiast Captures the Spirit of Nico Robin in a Cheerful Seaside Cosplay

A talented anime cosplayer transforms herself into the “Devil Child” Nico Robin, the “hands-on” member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Nico Robin, also known as “Devil Child”, One Piece is brought to life thanks to the extraordinary efforts of one cosplayer.

Jennifer Torres shared her interpretation of Nico Robin on her Instagram account. The photos depict Torres dressed as the complex character in her post-time-skip dress while having a fun and relaxed time on the beach. Nico Robin’s navy blue leather vest paired with a salmon sarong skirt is the look in question.

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One Piece fans heavily applauded Torres’ cosplay of Nico Robin, with some of the comments noting the effort she put into recreating the signature look of the archeologist. Others said the beach setting perfectly complements this easy-going Nico Robin. Nico Robin. One fan even thought of Torres’ Nico Robin to be their own headcanon.

One Piece fans are celebrating the Anime and Manga

Of course, Torres isn’t the only One Piece fan to show their support for the series. Football fans from around the world in Paris, France, held up multiple banners to construct an immense picture of Monkey D. Luffy “smashing” the symbol of the opposition team with his Gum-Gum Gatling Weapon attack. A fan artist going under the name Chancil illustrated a heartwarming photo of Yamato and Carrot having a great time together. The artist also sketched an adorable picture of Nico Robin and Nami hanging out with the honorary Straw Hat member Nefertari Vivi who is the princess of Alabasta.

One Piece continues Live-Action Film and Final Saga

For more than 20 years, One Piece has delighted fans around the world by bringing to life the story of Straw Hat Pirates conquering the uncharted territory of the Grand Line for the elusive treasure that is known as One Piece. The show has grown so massive that even the creator, Eiichiro Oda, requires assistance in keeping track of all the characters, storylines, and mystery. Netflix will release a live-action One Piece TV series this year. It will adapt some of its most memorable moments.

The One Piece anime is on pause and will resume on the 19th of March. The manga was suspended for a month to prepare for the last chapter. The anime can be streamed through Crunchyroll or Netflix. Viz Media is responsible for the English version of One Piece.

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Pokémon Unveils Captain Pikachu in Trailer for New Post-Ash Series

Pokemon released a new trailer for the upcoming Horizons anime. It gives fans a closer look at the new characters from the series as well as Captain Pikachu.

The Pokemon Company has released a trailer for Pokemon Horizons. This anime is the latest in the series and kicks off a new story without Ash Ketchum.

The trailer is primarily focused on the brand new trainer Liko, a young woman who starts her Pokemon journey to not only discover herself but uncover the truth behind the mysterious necklace that may bring her together with one of the most powerful Pokemon within the Paldea region. Her cute pet Sprigatito will be with her as well as Roy (a friend of hers with a strange Pokeball that he wants to fight “the Pokemon from legends”.

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In addition to the two new characters, the trailer also briefly showcases Horizons and its other characters in the game, with special emphasis going on the Rising Volteckers. A specialized research team who travels the globe on an airship to study Pokemon The group is headed by Professor Fried as well as his beloved companion Captain Pikachu. It’s unclear what this team will do to be incorporated into the plot however they’ll likely assist Liko_ and Roy on their adventures across Paldea.

A brand new Pokemon Anime calls for the creation of new Pokemon Trainers

Information on Pokemon Horizons’plot is scarce, but one significant thing that fans aren’t able to understand is the end of Ash Ketchum, who served as the protagonist of the series for more than two years. Ash Ketchum’s beloved character concluded his story in just a few emotionally charged episodes before walking out to the sunset. became the Pokemon champion in 2022. It’s not known if the new heroes will be directly connected to Ash however, many fans believe Liko is Ash’s child and Horizonsis set many years after the first trainer’s tale concluded.

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Following the trend of previous Pokemon anime adaptations, Horizons will whisk audiences away to the Paldea region, which is a locale that was first introduced in the most recent Pokemon games Scarlet and Violet. The fans can expect Liko and Roy to meet both old and new pocket monsters as well as the various leaders dotted around Paldea as they both find themselves and discover the ancient artifacts they have found.

The series will air on April 14th. All of the anime’s older seasons are available on Netflix.

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Fans Rave Over Dragon Ball Cosplayer’s Impeccable Bunny Bulma Depiction

This stunning cosplay brings Bulma’s famous bunny girl outfit from Dragon Ball to life.

A Dragon Ball fan transformed into Bulma wearing her iconic bunny girl costume in the anime’s original.

A Filipina cosplayer who is known as rikkaxrose uploaded a photo of herself dressed as Bulma in her bunny girl costume on Reddit. The costume is from Episode 6 of the original Dragon Ball anime TV Series, which was on the air from February 26th, 1986 until April 19, 1989. In the episode, Bulma has no choice but to dress in a short outfit because it’s the only feminine piece of clothing that Oolong owned at home.

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Bunny Suit Bulma from Dragon Ball

Oolong is a sinister shape-shifting pig made to appear as Bulma wearing a bunny girl suit to sway Master Roshi into helping them end the flames of Fire Mountain. As Bulma obliges Oolong to change into her to repay his naughty deeds, he ends up getting her back by using her appearance to have a romantic relationship with Master Roshi. Goku who is only a boy at the moment is not aware of the circumstances.

Dragon Ball fan admiration for rikkaxrose’s bunny suit Bulma. A majority of the comments that she’s getting on social media claim she’s “killing it” with her cosplay with the captions “beautiful” as well as “gorgeous.” According to rikkaxrose she would prefer to cosplay a bigger Dragon Ball-inspired Bulma. Bulma’s wardrobe choices have varied from her teens to her adulthood. rikkaxrose has dressed up in anime characters series like Dragon Ball as well as Death Note. Naruto. HTML3_

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Dragon Ball’s long-lasting Impact

The Dragon Ball series is still going strong for more than 40 years, with new multimedia projects. Sixteen years have passed since the last mainline fighting game, Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi IV was released. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the 2022 anime film based on the Dragon Ball Super TV series and was a huge box office huge success both in Japan as well as in North America. A web animation series called Super Dragon Ball Heroes included a brand-fresh female villain, Aeos. The show is quickly gaining a lot of attention around the world.

Dragon Ball, and all the related TV series and animated movies, can be streamed on various platforms like Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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Discovering the Complexities of Akaza’s Character in Demon Slayer

In his role as an upper Three demon, Akaza is among the most dangerous villains in Demon Slayer. However, is he truly an evil character?

Demon Slayer is a shonen with a focus on action where humans battle powerful demons for their survival. Since there are certain methods to fight demons successfully normal people are unable to effectively fight them. That’s the reason why the Demon Slayer Corps have spent centuries in secret to cleansing the world of all demons. In the top position among the numerous dangers that are featured in the show, there’s one group of demons even the most powerful of Demon Slayers, the Hashira, cannot defeat alone. Akaza the Upper Three Demon with twelve Kizuki is one of this kind of demon.

Because of his terrifyingly powerful and hateful part in the demise of Rengoku, Hashira, Akaza is among the most hated characters from Demon Slayer. Akaza is, however, an incredibly deep character with a tragic history.

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Akaza’s Values and Personality

Akaza is a demon who is stubborn is awed by the strong and despises the weaker ones. This is why the demon will go out of his way to take on the most powerful demon slayers and fighters. In the Infinity Train Arc, Akaza soon took a liking to Rengoku, begging Rengoku to turn into a demon so the two could keep fighting forever. Whenever Akaza was battling those he considered worthy opponents to fight, he’d ask their names and even introduce himself as a sign of respect. He could recall the names of his opponents throughout his time as an undead.

Though he is part of the Twelve Kizuki, he doesn’t get along with his peers. He regards them as rivals and is extremely hostile toward Kokushibou, the Upper-Rank One demon, and Doma two, the upper-rank demon. Despite being one of the strongest demons, Akaza is a man of values who adheres to regardless of what the situation. Unknown reasons, demons in Demon Slayer gain greater strength when they eat females, than they do by eating males. However, Akaza has never eaten women or caused harm to the women. Doma once said that If Akaza was willing to eat women, he would be strong enough to surpass him. His humanity is apparent in his refusal to sacrifice his humanity for power.

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In-depth Analysis of Akaza’s Duel with Rengoku

The strength of an Upper Moon Demon is far beyond what any human can ever comprehend. Akaza the first Upper Moon to be officially introduced in Demon Slayer, was battling the Hashira. The first move he made was to attack Tanjiro who was downed by the Hashira, but Rengoku jumps in to save him. Akaza answers the question of why he would attack someone who has already been defeated. Tanjiro would hinder their discussion. Akaza was determined to make Rengoku to be a demon, which would allow them to battle for many years so they could both become stronger. Akaza was truly amazed by Rengoku’s strength and admiration for his skills.

He knew Rengoku was not able to defeat him as a human, even though he was able to regenerate in only a few seconds. Akaza can regenerate in just a few minutes, while Rengoku’s injuries are bound to overwhelm him. The fight between the two was fair, Akaza never swore off Rengoku and did not use sly tactics.

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Tragic Backstory of Akaza

As a human being, Akaza was known as Hakuji. He was raised in the streets with his father who was sick, whom he loved deeply. Hakuji was in financial difficulty purchasing medicines, so he swindled the citizens in the town. He would be caught repeatedly. The magistrate would punish him by beating him down and inflicting criminal tattoos on him. After returning home from his third beating the victim was informed of his father’s suicide. In a letter written by his father, he said that he desired Hakuji to live a long and fulfilling life. He also told Hakuji he didn’t want a medication that was gained through immoral activities.

Eventually, Hakuji is banished from Edo and starts picking random fights with strangers. Hakuji encounters Keizo who is the local dojo’s owner who will take the student under his wing and teach him martial art. After two years of staying in the dojo, his skills increased, and he became a fan of Keizo’s daughter Koyuki. Sadly, his blissful days did not last long, as one of the rival dojos poisoned the drinking water in his home. Keizo and Koyuki passed away shortly after drinking the poisoned drink when Hakuji was out of the country. Hakuji was informed of the incident and then fought the dojo’s sixty-seven members barehanded by slamming their bodies. Muzan learns of this incident and proposes to transform Hakuji into a demon.

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The death of Akaza reveals his true Nature

Akaza’s final fight in Demon Slayer was against Tanjiro, Giyu. He is impressed once again by the strength and determination of Hashira. Giyu requests Rengoku to transform him into a demon. Giyu doesn’t think twice about the idea. Even with the combined power of Giyu and Tanjiro fighting Akaza was extremely difficult. Even though both were seriously wounded, Akaza was strong. As the fight went on, Akaza witnessed Giyu protecting Tanjiro who was unable to breathe due to his injuries.

Though Giyu was also severely injured, he was intently focused on defending Tanjiro, even at the risk of losing his own life. Akaza has vague memories of his past as a human, and also his relationship with Keizo. As Akaza prepares to unleash a devastating attack against Giyu and Giyu, he is interrupted by the spirit of his deceased fiance crying and pleading with him to not do it. He began to think about his past as a human, and it became too overwhelming for him. At this moment, Tanjiro awakens to be aware of Giyu at risk. When Tanjiro took action to help Giyu, Akaza questions his actions and regrets the lessons Keizo gave him. He smiled with gratitude as he left and resorted to his last strength to sacrifice his own life.

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Akaza was not an antagonist with a bad character. Akaza is a well-written enemy, and his tragic backstory enhances the character. Although he had forgotten his past as a human, his feelings of empathy and remorse were present.

The reason he was obsessed with fighting and becoming stronger was a trait of his personality. Also, Akaza’s unwavering affection for his wife has contributed to the fact that Akaza never hurt or killed women. Though subtle, these traits suggest that Akaza was an antagonist with empathy, morally sensitive, and ambiguous instead of being evil.

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How Jim Lee Created Justice League Art for Zack Snyder’s Upcoming Event

Zack Snyder tweets Jim Lee’s artwork that will be printed on T-shirts at an event supporting suicide prevention and mental health.

Zack Snyder has released a brand new Justice League artwork by Jim Lee, famed comic book creator and Chief Creative Director of DC Comics. The unfinished artwork is said to be a concept for a T-shirt that will be available at an upcoming fan event.

Snyder posted the Lee design via Twitter and posted a caption “In In.” [Jim Lee] is a genius. Full Circle Weekend screenings exclusively to raise awareness of mental health and suicide prevention After the death of his daughter Autumn, Snyder left 2017’s Justice League after he was diagnosed with depression. The Full Circle event is set for April 28-30 and will include screenings of Snyder’s most viewed films, complete with panel discussions and merchandise, including T-shirts featuring Lee’s art. Snyder’s preview of the sketch depicts Henry Cavill’s Superman, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, Ray Fisher’s Cyborg, and Darkseid. Lee was the previous illustrator for the SteelBook editions of Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League.

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Snyder has teased the Full Circle event recently by sharing the video message of Darkseid (the iconic leader of Apokolips and a major antagonist of Snyder’s Justice League). The message brief message simply said “April 29 and 30, 2019. Save the Date.” Screenings will consist of Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice on April 28 and 29 respectively, which will show at the ArtCenter in Pasadena, California. The screenings are followed by an IMAX screening of Zack Snyder’s Justice League at the Universal CityWalk on April 30.

Since James Gunn and Peter Safran became co-CEOs of DC Studios in November 2022, announcing a widespread relaunch of the rebranded DC Universe beginning in January 2023, Snyder fans have campaigned for Warner Bros. Discovery to sell the SnyderVerse rights to Netflix. This is the home of Snyder’s Army of the Dead, and the upcoming Rebel Moon. Gunn has since responded to the movement, calling #SellTheSnyderverseToNetflix the “wackiest hashtag ever.”

Snyder Fans Attack James Gunn

Many Snyder fans have continued to attack Gunn in recent days, scolding the DC Studios boss for the timing of his announcement that he was the director of Superman: Legacy that he tweeted on Twitter on the same day as Snyder’s Darkseid video. My brother Matt told me that he started to cry when he saw the day of release. I asked why. I asked him why. He replied, “Dude, it is Dad’s birthday.” I didn’t know,” Gunn captioned the post. Gunn also discussed the influence of his father on his career and his personal life. “I lost my Dad almost three years ago. He was my best friend. He was not understanding of me as an infant, but he supported my love for comics and my love of film and I couldn’t have made this movie now without him.”

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Even though some online groups pit filmmakers against one another, Gunn assures that he and Snyder are on good terms. In February, Gunn revealed that Snyder had “contacted me to express his approval of my choices. He’s a wonderful person.” After revealing that Warner Bros. had contacted him in November 2022, he was dismissed. However, Discovery and DC Studios haven’t yet approached Snyder about his return to DC, Snyder expressed his love for Gunn and Safran. He stated, “I’m just wishing they all the best and hoping that they make some cool films.”

Snyder fans can look forward to the Full Circle event which will be held from April 28 to 30.

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Dwayne Johnson Said No to Shazam: How He Prevented the Hero from Joining Black Adam’s Justice Society

According to a new report, Zachary Levi’s Shazam was initially planned to be featured in Black Adam before Dwayne Johnson was against the inclusion.

This article may contain minor spoilers for Shazam! Fury of the Gods is now in theaters

Black Adam Star Dwayne John was reported to have opposed the use of Zachary Levi’s Shazam in one of the 2022 post-credits scenes.

According to The Wrap Two top Hollywood insiders revealed that Johnson personally vetoed a proposed post-credits sequence in Black Adam, which would have been a scene in which Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), as well as the other members of the Justice Society, offer Levi’s Shazam a spot on the superhero team. Though it was removed from the 2022 movie The scene was later repurposed for the post-credits scene of Shazam! Fury of Gods. Instead of the Justice Society, Peacemaker characters Emilia Harcourt and John Economos were shown attempting to recruit Billy into the Justice Society on behalf of Amanda Waller.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Shazam! Fury of the Gods star Zachary Levi has since responded to the report by posting his Instagram story. On March 21, Levi shared a post that referenced The Wrap’s report and added in the caption: “The truth shall set you free.” The official confirmation of the first report regarding Johnson’s involvement in Fury of the Gods post-credit scene is not yet available.

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Insiders at The Wrap also pointed out that Johnson was unaware of Black Adam’s connection with Shazam! Fury of the Gods was a box office failure. They also pointed out that Johnson worked hard to undermine the Shazam! franchise in public, mostly through the hints of a possible battle between Superman and Black Adam despite the latter being Shazam’s arch-nemesis. Johnson acknowledged Black Adam‘s mid-credits scene in which his antihero met Superman. Henry Cavill played the role of the final one.

James Gunn Did Not Initiate Black Adam in His Initial DCU Plans

Johnson has repeatedly expressed his desire to see the Black Adam’s DC Universe journey end with the release of a Black Adam against Superman film. Johnson said that any further DCU plans that involved Black Adam were put in limbo due to Gunn Safran, Gunn, and their 10-year vision for the shared universe. Johnson also revealed that he’d talked to James Gunn, and Black Adam was not part of their first chapter. “However DC and Seven Bucks have agreed to explore the most valuable ways Black Adam can be used in the future DC multiverse stories.”

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What does the future hold for Shazam?

Shazam! Fury of the Gods released before the beginning of Gunn and Safran’s rebooted DCU, many fans have wondered if Levi will continue to portray Shazam, the movie’s main character, or if the Shazam franchise may also be put on hold. Although there’s no information regarding the new timeline for Gunn, Levi stated previously that an impressive performance at the box office would show that DC Studios still has a curiosity for Shazam and the Shazam Family. However, Fury of the Gods has so far underperformed at the box office and has been a lot less successful than the $53.5 million Shazam!, its predecessor. Shazam!, opened in the year 2019. With the release of The Flash slated to reboot the shared universe’s timeline and fans might have seen the end of Levi’s Shazam in the DCU.

Black Adam is available to stream on HBO Max while Shazam! Fury of the Gods is currently showing in cinemas.