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Poppy Rocks Kakegurui’s Yumeko Cosplay at NXT’s Halloween Havoc Performance

Poppy dressed as Yumeko Jabami, one of the characters from the cult anime Kakegurui for her performance at NXT Halloween Havoc.

For her performance during NXT’s special Halloween Havoc episode the musician Poppy co-spy as the legendary Yumeko Jabami, the main character in the cult anime series Kakegurui.

Poppy made an appearance at Halloween Havoc, as part of Io’s entrance taking her to the ring where she would face Candice LeRae, the current NXT women’s champion. During the entrance/performance, Poppy could be seen sporting the distinct red school uniform worn by Yumeko in Kakegurui. Poppy has been associated with WWE’s developmental brand and NXT previously. Poppy also appears to choose the right person since Shirai defeated LeRae at the end of the match to keep her title.

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Based on the manga Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler by Homura Kawamoto and Toru Naomura, the Kakeguruianime premiered in Japan in 2017 and was followed by the second season titled Kakegurui xx to be released in the year 2019. Both seasons are currently available to stream in the United States on Netflix. The show follows the character Yumeko, whose compulsive gambling interferes with her school’s social hierarchy. In addition to the animation, the manga’s original story is also being transformed into a live-action TV series that ran from 2018 to 2019, and a live-action feature film, which premiered in May of this year.

NXT: Halloween Havoc marked the return of a long-defunct professional wrestling brand. Halloween Havoc originally was a World Championship Wrestling pay-per-view event. The first broadcast took place in 1989. WCW held 12 Halloween Havoc pay-per-views between 1989 and 2000. The last Halloween Havoc PPT aired on Oct. 29 in 2000. WCW went out of operation in March of 2001 and was then purchased by WWE. Halloween Havoc remained largely dormant following the purchase and was only utilized in a few WWE video games.

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But, NXT has revived numerous defunct WWE as well as WCW brands, and this year, Halloween Havoc possibly being the closest to July’s NXT: The Great American Bash, which was a special edition of NXT’s weekly show that revived the Great American Bash name that was previously used by both WCW and WWE. In certain versions of the TakeOver events, NXT also brought back WWE’s In Your House and WCW’s WarGames.

NXT airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. USA Network broadcasts ET.

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A Marvel-ous Trio: Latest Avengers 4 and Captain Marvel Trailers, with Shang-Chi Project Unveiled

The following is a brief introduction to the subject:

Marvel Studios is a major player in the entertainment industry. Their visually stunning films and intricate tales have captivated audiences all over all over the world. The studio continues to push boundaries and explore new territories within the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). In a recent triple-action reveal, Marvel dropped trailers for two highly anticipated films, Avengers 4 and Captain Marvel, while also unveiling plans for their Shang-Chi initiative. This essay will explore the significance of the three announcements, and their effect on Marvel’s universe. The article will also explore the energy generated by fans.

Avengers 4 The Climactic Chapter

The Avengers 4 trailer was released on April 1, and was a significant moment in the MCU. The trailer offered fans a look at the conclusion of the Avengers storyline. After the heartbreaking and dramatic events of Avengers: Infinity War the fans eagerly anticipated the conclusion to the Thanos story. The trailer not only gave an introduction to the story, but it also highlighted the emotional depth of the characters as well as the high stakes they face. With the promise of an epic conclusion, Avengers 4 has successfully brought about a lot of excitement and anticipation that has led to debates and theories among fans.

Captain Marvel: A Pioneering Heroine

Captain Marvel was yet another major announcement. It marked the first MCU film featuring a female lead. The trailer showcased Brie Larson in the role of Carol Danvers, a powerful and intricate character who is set to make an impact on the Marvel universe. Marvel has taken a vow to broaden their superhero roster and give the spotlight to female characters that are strong with this groundbreaking film. The Captain Marvel trailer has generated immense enthusiasm and debate, with fans celebrating the arrival of the long-awaited superhero.

The New Ground of Shang-Chi

Marvel’s announcement about their Shang-Chi plans spelled out their desire to expand the MCU and expand their the number of characters they represent by introducing their first Asian-led superhero film. Shang-Chi is a martial artist with a strong background and hero from the comics is expected to provide Marvel with the chance to discover new stories, cultures, and perspectives. The Shang-Chi project reflects Marvel’s dedication to inclusivity and the creation of a more diverse and multi-faceted superhero universe. Fans have expressed excitement and excitement for this new addition to the MCU looking forward to seeing the story of Shang-Chi unfold.


Marvel’s triple action reveal of the Avengers 4 and Captain Marvel trailers, along with their Shang-Chi plans, marks an important time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel’s announcements of the Captain Marvel trailers, along with their Shang-Chi plans have created excitement and anticipation in the fans. They show Marvel’s dedication to innovative storytelling, diverse representation, and a continuous expansion of the universe. While Marvel Studios continues to explore new territory and expand the boundaries of superhero films, fans eagerly await the release of the next chapter in the constantly evolving Marvel saga.

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Hitting the Bullseye: A League of Legends Fan’s Showstopping Jinx Cosplay

The Piltover army of wardens will be able to shut down this dedicated fan’s extravagant cosplay of League of Legends’ laughing anarchist, Jinx.

One fan has designed a cosplay with the gun toting Jinx in League of Legends.

Cosplayer Eleanor Barnes went to paint the town red wearing a steampunk costume inspired by The Loose Cannon’s appearance on the animated spinoff show Arcane. Particularly, Jinx’s blue cloud tattoos were reproduced and kept in a meticulous manner and Barnes noting that she was having trouble getting the paint off.

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Jinx was introduced in League of Legends in 2013. Her dazzling smile, and arsenal of explosives quickly led to her becoming one of the most popular Champions. The minigun-wielding marksman appeared in everything from her own personal music video to dedicated short stories that flesh out the towns of Piltover and Zaun. She was recently one of ‘s major characters on Arcane. This show was Riot’s first appearance on television. The show cast a spotlight over Jinx’s origins, revealing the events that transformed Vi’s quiet sister Powder into the impulsive and chaotic criminal from the source material.

“She wasn’t born this amazing sexually sexy psychopath. Ella Purnell, Jinx’s voice actress, has said that this doesn’t happen. “She was able to become the person she is because of the trauma she suffered. I think that seeing Powder at the beginning of the season can be beneficial in setting the background for the audience.” Purnell clarified that Jinx’s wild enthusiasm as one of the most fascinating traits of the character, stressing how she darted between brattiness and spontaneity.

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Christian Linke, the executive producer of Arcane also thought that Jinx and Vi’s complex relationship was a great starting point for League of Legends’s epic mythology. He said this dynamic could be used without overwhelming newcomers. The team behind the project wanted to create an engaging discussion platform for Runterra fans and also for those who have stuck with the IP.

Riot Games has discussed the possibility of the possibility of a live action series to League of Legends considering Arcane‘s huge success. Riot Global President of Entertainment Shauna Spenley announced the company’s plans to experiment with different forms of entertainment media, claiming Riot “was simply testing the waters of TV and film for the moment.”

League of Legends is a no-cost MOBA for PC is available. The animated spinoff series Arcane is streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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The Last of Us Community Stunned by Remarkably Accurate Bloody Cosplay

This cosplay of Ellie is so flawless that it has caused debate among fans if it was actually a screen-shot or not.

Cosplayers recreated shots from Part II with such precision that the fans were astonished by their precision.

Cosplayer and The Last of Usfan Sandra Miller (@SandraMillrr) posted the image to her Twitter account and soon was overwhelmed by stunned fans commenting on the photo. Miller, dressed as Ellie is seated with a gun, ready to shoot. The image cosplay has the title “Talk.” in reference to the scene it recreates, when Ellie is snatched by Rattlers. She escapes while pursuing Abby towards Santa Barbara.

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Most fans expressed awe at the precision of the shot, though some said that Ellie seemed indifferent to killing in the game, whereas the image depicts her with a an intense gaze. Miller clarified her choice in the picture, sharing a photo of the scene in question. “You’re right, she appears emotionless when she kills the man,” she said. “It makes me feel chills…However when she gets the guy to speak first, she will raise her eyes. This is exactly what I attempted to recreate.”

The Last of Usis an action-adventure game created by Naughty Dog and released by Sony. In the game, the United States is plagued by post-apocalyptic creatures. The survivors are trying to adjust. It follows Joel the smuggler and Ellie an adolescent when he is assigned with transporting her across the country as he faces a myriad of dangers. The game requires players to employ sneaky weapons, improvised weapons, and guns to fight against hostile humans and cannibalistic zombie-like creatures that have been infected with a strange fungus. In The Last of Us Part II, Ellie seeks revenge against a mysterious woman called Abby.

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Rumors lately hint at the possibility of a remake of 2013’s The Last of Usfor current-gen systems as well as the possibility of multiplayer in The Last of Us Part II. A multiplayer mode multiplayer optionfor The Last of Us Part II is believed to be in the works for some time, though there isn’t much information about the plan. In January, prominent video game leaker Tom Henderson revealed that both The Last of Usremake and the multiplayer mode for Part IIwere close to being completed According to several sources.

Anyone interested in learning more about Ellie’s story can find both The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part IIon the PlayStation 4.

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Next-Level Croki Cosplay Masterpiece Crafted by Passionate Loki Fan

Alexandra Ashe, a Loki fan, has shared her authentic Alligator Loki Cosplay inspired from the Disney+ series. The cosplay has a real snake that bears an amazing resemblance to.

A fan of the Disney+ series Loki posted an authentic cosplay of Alligator Loki, nicknamed Croki, featuring a real alligator.

Alexandra Ashe posted an image of a tiny alligator sporting the gold-horned mask of the Disney+ character Alligator Loki. The alligator’s name is Hendrick and Ashe said that his mouth was closed with tape to ensure everyone’s safety during the photo shoot. But, she assured the followers that the tape wasn’t sealed tightly and was not damaging to Hendrick’s skin.

Ashe is the founder and CEO of Kinkatopia in South Florida, a non profit organization. The photo of the cosplay illustrates Ashe with Hendrick. The organization is primarily the home for 14 Kinkajous. These tiny mammals, often called honey bears are indigenous to tropical rainforests. Kinkatopia strives to provide best possible care for captive kinkajous. Ashe has assisted in rehoming more than 50 species since the establishment of the organization in 2015.

Many of the followers have commented that they liked the alligator variant of Croki. Alligator Loki was first seen in Episode 5 of Loki “Journey Through Mystery” along with other God of Mischief variations from alternate timelines. Croki was joined by Jack Veal’s Kid Loki, a much younger version of Loki who killed Thor in a different timeline, and DeObia’s Boastful Loki was as well to showcase the character’s heightened egotistical aspect. Richard E. Grant was also on hand as Classic Loki. This variant survived Thanosand his attack on the Statesman in Avengers Infinity War.

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Alligator Loki is believed to have been relegated to the Void by the Time Variance Authority for eating the cat of a neighbor — a moment that set off a nexus. The variant also comes with that allows it to communicate with other creatures. It’s said that the alligator’s teeth are strong enough to break through the flesh and bones of the Frost Giant.

Despite the alligator’s real-life origin being described by Loki‘s head writer Michael Waldron, another fan of the show has created an illustrated comic with a heartbreaking story for the alternate. The scene is a re-creation of Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 film Thor when Loki’s father Odin admitted that he’d been adopted by Laufey the King of the Frost Giants.

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JoJo Unleashed: 10 Exceptional Phantom Blood Cosplays to Capture Your Imagination

JoJo’s Phantom Blood arc was full of gothic and bold characters to cosplay. Here are a few of our favorite characters!

Every great story has to begin somewhere. For instance, in the case of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure the shonen series that has been running for a long time, Phantom Bloodwas an initial story arc which was set in Victorian England. Phantom Bloodis a part of the JoJouniverse, even though later story arcs like the Stardust Crusaderseclipsed it.

Fireforce: 10 Blistering Cosplays of Maki Oze You Must See

It’s the 1880s and Jonathan Joestar is the hero who must fight the rampaging vampire lord Dio Brando and save the entire world before it’s too late. The 1880s are a period of Hamon mysteries, mysterious, cool outfits for gentlemen and stone masks. It’s a great cosplay topic. Let’s see what fans have come up with.

The Invader

Dio Brando is the first of the gallery. He was the troubled boy who wreaked havoc on the Joestar family. The future vampire. Cosplayer @prismocube captured the essence of Dio Brando, from his deceptively handsome eyes to his cruel, arrogant gaze.

The cosplayer also included a sound effect in Katakana, which gives the piece a manga-like feel. The cosplayer’s elegant hair and cool style will make the piece stand out. Dio is evil and looks pretty good.

Nine Newlyweds

Jonathan Joestar was devastated when Dio changed his life and changed it completely. However, he had his beautiful wife Erina Pendleton with him. Erina Pendleton is an extremely important character in the tale. She should not be overlooked.

In this stunning cosplay image taken by @chaotic_charisma, Jonathan is looking positively radiant as he holds his bride close and, no doubt, he’s swears to protect her from evil both now and in the future. Erina looks stunning on her wedding day and her golden hair contrasts well with Jonathan’s dark blue shade.

8 The Bully

Dio Brando was determined to make Jonathan Joestar suffer and everyone in his vicinity as much as he could, and throwing his body around Danny the dog was just the start. Dio Brando was aware that Jonathan Joestar was becoming closer to Erina Penndleton. He made an appearance. A mean one.

Food Wars! Cosplays that look like Erina from the animated series

Dio harassed Erina in an attempt to “sully her” so Jonathan wouldn’t want her. Cosplayers from @nightsidecosplay and @teatimechaps showed the cruel aspect of Dio’s charms as Erina quickly realizes that Jonathan’s foster bro is not one she can trust.

7 Artifact Of Destiny

Dio was determined to tear down the Joestar family one way or another, and Dio even began inflicting poison on George Joestar, the family head. He was able to accomplish so much with a body that was mortal and he needed the mask of stone.

The bizarre Aztec artifact transformed Dio into something else. Cosplayer @inna.perina neatly captures the spirit of Dio when he is holding the object as if to say, “Behold, the ultimate power in the universe! And it’s all mine!”

6 Truce

It’s now time to stop. The cosplayers imagine a beautiful scene in which the foster brothers get along. Given enough time, foster family members will feel like true family and spending time with each other is important.

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In this rustic fall shot, Dio and Jonathan decided to make the most of the mild weather and settled on a bench under a tree to finish their research. Because of their social status them to be, they’re not just great fighters, but also a well-read gentleman.

5 Ultimate Heroes

Hamon was the main source of power prior to the Stands, like Star Platinum, Stardust Crusaders. Hamon is the power of the sun, as well as the breath. Jonathan Joestar was taught the Hamon ways by Baron Zeppeli and became a powerful vampire killer.

In this cool cosplay shot by @dragopolo, it’s time for action, and Jonathan is a buff shonen hero from the 1980s who’s prepared to drive his fists to the core of evil to destroy it once and for all. It’s also worth mentioning that the bright background and yellow Hamon aura help to complete the image.

4 Roberta Speedwagon

This story arc includes one of the male “waifu” characters in the anime world: Robert Speedwagon. His stylish clothes and cool poses are worthy of cosplay in no way, and that includes slick cosplays that are gender-benders, like this one. Speedwagon is ready to save the world.

10 Black Butler Cosplays That Will Get You in the Halloween Spirit

Cosplayer @speedstache_cosplays stays largely true to the original character, but she did add some visual flair with a rainbow bow tie in the left image and long, wavy blonde hair that no doubt looks dramatic and cool while she’s in a fight. Jonathan can count on her.

3 3 And Get Me

Dio Brando was really comfortable with his new vampire status when he donned that mask. He was a stylishvampire, too and found a scary castle to be his own, surrounded by strange chimera pets and minions in the throne room.

Cosplayer @inna.perina captures the eerie character Dio the vampire, from the moody blue and magenta lighting to the dark lipstick, black attire blood dribble, the red rose in one cool shot. And that facial expression is truly lusty for Jonathan’s blood.

2 Joanna Joestar

Jonathan Joestar will be the subject of this gender-bender. In the story, he is a huge and tough guy But what if he were the heir to the Joestar family and a young woman who emphasized agility and speed instead?

The newest JoJo heroine is just an actress who can dazzle guests and beat vampires into submission when she tries to attack her family or friends. @panta.cos has created the cosplay, which is a perfect blend of ethereal effects.

Three Heroes

The adventurers have finally come together, and Dio should be on the lookout for the three. Jonathan isn’t going it alone and Speedwagon along with him, not to mention Baron Zeppeli, one of the great instructors and mentors in the world of anime.

This cosplay shot is full of a sense of adventure and excitement, starting with Zeppelin’s “there’s danger up ahead” expression to Jonathan’s alert look and Speedwagon looking terrified. Together, they’re stronger than any obstacle.

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Mastering the Art of Attraction: Neon Signs for a Memorable Impression

When you’re trying to draw attention to your company, special event or yourself need to stand out from the crowd, you must have a distinctive angle to create the most impressive impression. There are endless possibilities when it comes time to market any business or brand. No longer are you limited to the same old signage. Your customized lights from Echo Neon will help you draw customers and clients.

Neon Light Signs Have a Unique Style

There’s nothing quite like the glow of neon. The traditional neon light fixtures made of inert gasses and glass tubes that shine in a variety of colors after being electrically charged are used in many businesses to attract attention and make an impression. This is also true for events, parties, and other events that require a bit more than traditional decorations.

Now you can buy neon signs on the internet through a manufacturer of customized LED lights. It gives you more options than ever before to give an impression to everyone who views the products you provide.

First Impressions Always Are Important

Think about the last time you walked into a store, went to an establishment, attended an event for business or went to a party. You glance around and take in the sights and sounds. The first impression you make is important. From the beginning, you’ll be able to assess the caliber of an event or business. If you’re looking to create the right impression to those who visit your venue pick accent lighting or signage that will make a difference.

Neon light signs are able to offer everything from a glowing white snowflake, and a scrolling hot pink phrase to a classic red and white OPEN sign. Your distinctive style will make an impression that lasts. When someone glances at your sign it is important to communicate the message of your business or event. LED neon sign displays allow you to achieve this.

Affordable LED Lighting Never Looks Cheap

One of the most important first impressions is value. Imagine walking into the shop and seeing an unattractive cardboard sign set up on the counter. It will give a low impression of the quality of products and services you can expect to find at that location. If you enter an event, you’ll have another impression if the signage is one that is fancy and golden featuring crystals, candles, and filigree. The first impressions of some signs feel cheap, while some are too extravagant or fancy.

LED neon signs fall somewhere in between, but they have never failed to impress. Even though they’re less expensive than the old-fashioned neon lights, they still appear stunning. It is important for people to appreciate what you offer The best way to do so is by sharing your message, or adorning it with beautiful and stunning neon light signs.

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A Fan’s Admirable Recreation of Claire Redfield in a Striking Resident Evil 2 Cosplay

One talented and creative Pokemon fan has captured the elegance of evolution in a single pocket monster cosplay that transforms from Ivysaur to Venusaur.

The evolution of Ivysaur into Venusaur is captured in this beautiful and enjoyable Pokémon Cosplay.

Fabricated and posted on Reddit by alliecat_cosplay, the changing gown is playful and whimsical with its Ivysaur form, and features a closed bud serving as the cape. It is effortless in its Venusaur form with a long skirt and a strapless top. The cosplayer uploaded a video to their

A skilled Resident Evil fan with impressive fabrication abilities brings franchise icon Claire Redfield to life in an extremely detailed and red cosplay.

Claire Redfield, Resident Evil 2’s Claire Redfield, is brought to life by an extremely detail-oriented cosplayer.

Fabricated and uploaded on Reddit by n0mn0mnat. costume features a variety of small and impactful touches like the Made in Heaven patch on the back, the perfect recreation of Claire’s iconic ponytail as well as the knife holster on the shoulder. The costume designer revealed that they made use of a mix of wine and Rit dye to make the sleeveless jean shorts and jacket a suitable hue of red.

Ashley Graham, the body model from Resident Evil 4, is cosplayed as President’s daughter

Claire isn’t the only notable video game character for which they have created impressive cosplay. The Reddit page always includes pictures of the Bowsette with a sense of humor, a gender-swapped Bowser from Super Mario Bros., and the gender-swapped Jill Valentine who looks hungry from Resident Evil. There are also photos of an incredibly funny Harley Quin cosplay as well as cosplays for Fullmetal Alchemist’s Lust and Adventure Time’s Marcelina and Disney’s Cruella Vil. Vil.

Resident Evil 2 gets an updated remake

A survival horror game developed by producer Capcom, Resident Evil 2 was released in 1998. The title allows players to play as Leon S. Kennedy, Claire, and their adventure through the zombies-infested Racoon City. Resident Evil 2 is a massive commercial success. It sold over 6,114370 units worldwide across PlayStation and Nintendo platforms. Notably, the game reached over 100,000 pre-orders in Italy in the first place. However, it was temporarily banned in Italy in 1999 due to various reasons, including its realistic depictions of violence and police seized around 5,500 copies of Resident Evil 2.

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The title was revamped in the year 2019, and, as with the original, this reboot experienced much success. More than 11.2 million copies had been sold globally at the time of its release in January 2023. The Game Awards nominated it for several prestigious awards including Game of the Year, the Best Action/Adventure Game, and Adventure Game of the Year. In the year 2020, the reboot received the title of Ultimate Game of the Year at the Golden Joystick Awards. The reboot also took home Ultimate Game of the Year at the Golden Joystick Awards in 2019.

Capcom Releases Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 2 isn’t the only game from the long-running video game franchise that has been remade recently. Resident Evil 4 received its remake last month which was released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows. It sold over four million copies within the first two weeks making it one of the fast-selling Resident Evil titles in history.

The Resident Evil 2 reboot can be played on PS4, PS5, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Low-Cost Cosplay Highlights Master Roshi’s Cheeky Energy by Dragon Ball Admirer

The Dragon Ball fan’s clever thrift shop-inspired costume brings the legendary lecherous character of the series to life, a bushy brow and all.

A Dragon Ball fan gave a fitting tribute to the sage of the show’s lecherous character.

Candid_Clown’s Reddit post shows off his unique Master Roshi cosplay. It captures the naughtier aspect of the wise old teacher. The costume was constructed from thrift store components According to the post on Reddit. This helped to create Roshi’s ever-outdated fashion sense. The wavy white eyebrows and flowing beard pull the look together, achieving the signature look of a 430-year-old man who thinks he’s the ultimate stud.

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Master Roshi’s Anime Appearance

The Dragon Ball franchise launched in 1984 with the first manga written by creator Akira Toriyama, which ran for more than a decade during Shonen Jump. In 1986, the manga was adapted into an anime that ran for 153 episodes and introduced characters such as Goku as well as Master Roshi. Roshi first appeared in the anime’s “Emperor Pilaf Saga” before going on to become the master of characters like Goku, Krillin, and Gohan as he revealed his sinister behavior in the initial arc of the show when he offered one of the extremely rare and powerful “Dragon Balls” to Goku’s friend Bulma to look at her underwear.

Master Roshi was one of the earliest and most prominent of a long list of perverted male characters to appear in popular animated series. The infamous trope is prevalent in the medium. From Naruto’s Jiraiya and on to Chainsaw Man’s Denji anime has made fun of sexual machismo. This is a tradition that dates back to characters such as Master Roshi who are shown snooping or making sexual advances to women for comic effect. The trope of male lechery, along with the problematic depiction of female characters in anime remains a problem for the medium nearly 20 years after Master Roshi made his debut. However, there have been certain positive developments that indicate that anime is turning a corner.

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Despite its problematic elements, Dragon Ball has remained among the most influential and well-loved manga and anime series of all time. Fans are still clamoring for more even after the 2018 end of the latest sequel Dragon Ball Super. While there has been no announcement about the anime’s continuation, the Dragon Ball Super manga is still available on V Jump, with North American distribution by Viz Media. In 2022, the franchise released a movie titled Dragon Ball Super: Super Her. It can be streamed on Crunchyroll.

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Spy x Family Cosplayers Achieve Incredibly Lifelike Anime Visuals

Three cosplayers recreated the posters from the show, and recreate them in 1:1 proportion.

Three Family cosplayers recreate the characters from the anime during the photograph shoot called waku-waku.

The cosplayers @/linnnng_cos, @/nc__tw and @/ all posted by @/linnnng_cos, portrayed the Forger Family, offering fans a glimpse of how live-action anime adaptations could look. @/linnng_cos was Yor as did @/nc__tw, who played Twilight, and @/ was Anya. The cosplayers even altered the Anya to match the measurements of the poster. Cosplayers recorded every single detail, including their clothes hung in mid-air.

The actor who played Spy x Family Anya in My Hero Academia as the evil Lady Nagant

@/linnng_cos showcased their cosplay as Yor as the Thorn Princess, but the cosplayer has also cosplayed the character in her more casual fashion, with Yor’s red dress and a soft pink headband. Apart from Spy x Family, @/linnnng_cos has also cosplayed as adorable and extravagant Marin Kitagawa from My Dress-Up Darling. Their Instagram page features a cosplay of Sakura Kinomoto, from the popular series of magical girls Cardcaptor Sakura.

@/nc__tw cosplayed Twilight and, in the same way, displayed Twilight’s dualities by wearing Loid sweater in beige, with a white collar peeking through in a different picture. Yor was cosplayed with a red background. Recently, @/nc__tw played Lucy from the critically acclaimed Cyberpunk: Edgerunners. @/ displayed their adorable side by cosplaying as Anya However, it appears they usually opt for more mature costumes.

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About Spy x Family

Spy x Family developed by Tatsuya Endeo, was launched on Shonen Jump+ March 2019. SpyxFamily quickly won the hearts of readers from all over the world with its story of an eclectic family consisting of a spy who claims to be a father in order to spread world peace, an assassin pretending to be a city worker and an four-year-old Telepath disguised as an ordinary six-year-old, . Every character has their own reasons for carrying on with the farce. However, they all desire to be part of an extended family and understand that they are loved unconditionally. In April 2022, Wit Studio and CloverWorks worked together to produce an adaptation of the anime that ran for two separate courses. Prior to the show’s debut the series had hit over two million in circulation. The first time the show aired, Spy x Familyrecorded 15 million copies. By the end of December 2022 the manga had sold over 29 million copies.

The first season of Spyx Familyis now available on Crunchyroll. A 2nd season and an original movie will release sometime in 2023 The film will be directed by Endo overseeing the film.